“September” Comes For Tremaine in March

so is everyone coming for tremaine’s neck this era?
first it was nicki minaj a few weeks ago and now it’s august alsina.
it’s our friend “september” that we love so much.
apparently tremaine said something in his power 105.1 interview that ticked off september.

a vix-bi directed me to what september posted on his instagram
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Snow Bunny Beef: Katy Perry vs Britney Spears?

did not know katy perry and britney spears had beef.
i always thought britney got along good with everyone.
everyone i know that has met her has said she is really sweet.
who has the same “poppy” persona,
should be more welcoming.
last night at the grammys,
katy said this on the e! red carpet that forests picked up as shade:


…which caused the trending “#katyperryisover” hashtag.
well britney allegedly returned the shade on her twitter with this…
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A “Woke” Tremaine Is A “Get This Foxhole” Tremaine

there are many things that turn me on about tremaine neverson.
^that picture is one of them.
well even though tremaine was acting a plum fool a few weeks ago,
it doesn’t stop him from being woke.
he always drops good brain on his twitter ever so often.
so the VP jackal of this country,
mike pence,
tweeted this:

…and then tremaine responded with this

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The Diva-est of Them All.


so everyone knows what a “diva” looks like.
the entertainment industry has many “divas”.
some are impossible to work with,
while others are nice,
but just don’t take no one’s shit.
i was watching “got 2b real” today at work.
i was feeling down and i needed a good laugh.
well i was led to this compilation video of whitney houston and well…
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