The Diva-est of Them All.


so everyone knows what a “diva” looks like.
the entertainment industry has many “divas”.
some are impossible to work with,
while others are nice,
but just don’t take no one’s shit.
i was watching “got 2b real” today at work.
i was feeling down and i needed a good laugh.
well i was led to this compilation video of whitney houston and well…

so then i decided to watch the rest:

even kanye got one:

and other male animals:

they should have added the biggest divo of the all:


i still remember his face as trey songz sung purple rain at the bet awards.
i didn’t think these ladies (and gents) could be so nasty.
i love how most couldn’t hold their disdain for each other.

lowkey: mariah is good at her shady behavior.
she stay putting people under the red woods.

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Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “The Diva-est of Them All.

  1. Whitney went through so much man i miss her…Sometimes some of the most talented, famous people are alone and really have no one they can turn to. It’s like they’re a slave to their own fame and popularity. People always want to take from them or always want them to be ‘on’ when they see them out in public and etc failing to remember that these folks are still human and need their peace of mind like everyone else. I pray that Whitney and her daughter have found their peace with GOD that was robbed from them on this Earth…

    1. Exactly, I don’t think people get it. She is partly responsible for her undoing though, but I can understand how the pressure can get to a person.
      Tragic, her music and voice are iconic.

  2. Whitney Houston is the shade queen, and she’s so elegant about the shit! You can’t find a person that can shade as gracefully as her these days ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. LMAO. Whitney got Wendy W. together. .

      Aretha’s shade is legendary. Patty is shady but keeps it cute (Please look up how Patty always invites fake friends to her house to cook them a home cook meal and then never returns their calls or cooks). Everyone in the industry knows Pat’s shade but Quest was the first one to call her our ( ).

      Mariah’s “I don’t know her” shade toward Jennifer is also legendary.

  3. I have seen these all before Mariah and Whitney were the best at it to me. Beyoncรฉ’s was just her before she turned over the new left of letting her fans do her shading for her lol

    As much as I love me some RiRi, her video was the hardest to watch because at certain scenes it she came off just rude not shady.

  4. “I don’t think of her” is beyond iconic. Whenever I think about that moment, I smile.

    We need Got 2B Real to come back.

  5. Damn, I miss me some Whitney The Voice Houston. I’m literally surfing through tumblr and listening to old YouTube interviews and vids of her as I type this. lol

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