if you can, don’t let being emo make you miss an important call

my friends always come through for me.
i’m super emotionally connected to those in my life.

Sometimes to those who aren’t in my life any longer too.

i’ve been going through it tbh.
this is not my season.
things are rough right now and trying to keep my head above water.
i was in deep thought while eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
one of my favorite twitch streamers was venting over his mother’s cancer.
it made me feel like i’m not the only one dealing with nonsense.
as i was into this whole thing,
my phone rang and i saw it was diva.
i let it ring because i didn’t feel like talking.
she called right after and i figured it must be really important…

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Is K Michelle Trying To Sink Her Own Ship?

K-Michelle-2013-She-Is-Divai just posted about k michelle a week or so ago.
i saw her cry on “sway in the morning” and was touched.
now i go read this alleged tale of her diva behavior and i’m thrown off.
you might not hear k michelle’s music on the radio again.
well i haven’t ever,
but i really won’t hear it now after this alleged story via alwaysalist
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The Diva-est of Them All.


so everyone knows what a “diva” looks like.
the entertainment industry has many “divas”.
some are impossible to work with,
while others are nice,
but just don’t take no one’s shit.
i was watching “got 2b real” today at work.
i was feeling down and i needed a good laugh.
well i was led to this compilation video of whitney houston and well…
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How Does My Body Guard’s Ass Taste?

tumblr_mnvj0xUgrr1sov0rho1_500weed smoking.
crazy parties.
leather pants wearing.
still managing to have perfect hair.
this is the newest bad boy in the entertainment scene.
breezy wolf move over!
your spot has officially been stolen.
justin biebs sat front row at the miami heat game last night.

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an f-bi sent me an email with an interesting idea for a challenge.
i felt this would truly get the discussion flowing.
i know my boys make me proud.

we like to compare the singers who are out today.
we pick them apart by talent,
record sales,
even stage presence.
but who is really the winner?
today’s round:


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