if you can, don’t let being emo make you miss an important call

my friends always come through for me.
i’m super emotionally connected to those in my life.

Sometimes to those who aren’t in my life any longer too.

i’ve been going through it tbh.
this is not my season.
things are rough right now and trying to keep my head above water.
i was in deep thought while eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
one of my favorite twitch streamers was venting over his mother’s cancer.
it made me feel like i’m not the only one dealing with nonsense.
as i was into this whole thing,
my phone rang and i saw it was diva.
i let it ring because i didn’t feel like talking.
she called right after and i figured it must be really important…

“I just wanted to hear your voice friend.”

it felt comforting to hear her.
she could tell something was wrong and i couldn’t hold in the word vomit.
i legit spilled my entire truth about everything that was happening right now.

“Check your Cashapp”

when i went to check,
she dropped 200 dollars in there.

I needed this and I’m so thankful for this blessing.”

no cap,
but i legit needed that money.
i’m so grateful that i took her call.

lowkey: i’m gonna do an accountability post for this week.

Author: jamari fox

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