many creatives and talent live a regula degula life before things pop

read ^that as many times as you can.
i know i will.
as a creative,
i totally get hating to work a real job while working on your real dreams.
dealing with the day-to-day grind while dodging idiot bosses can be a downer.

You’ll be surprised how many actors and actresses have to do it while in-between blessings.

from the last entry,
eric d hill is an acting wolf but was living a regula degula life.
i’ve met so many in the industry who work regula gigs to make ends meet in-between.
when the acting or singing work isn’t pulling big money like the bigger names,
you will be working a regula gig until shit pops.
no cap,
but i knew one of the actresses that act(ed?) on that show,


She worked at the same 9 to 5 that I was at.

this is when the show was in its first season.
she was working that gig and acting too.
she chose a role that helped her to be part-time.
i remember that she was so pleasant and encouraging while i worked with her.

That saying of “people remember how you made them feel” is real talk.

when i got let go,
she gave me such kind words upon my exit.
i was told me once the show popped,
i was told that she bounced.

i wrote about an ex-singing vixen who came to cover a floater at a past job before.
she had relative success,
but a fucked up record deal and the male jackals behind her release,
were her fate in losing it all.
we got to talking because she was so embarrassed and scared i would judge her.
i had to reassure her that i wasn’t one to judge and nothing to be embarrassed about.
by the end of the day,
she felt better and more encouraged that life still has to go on.

as a creative or talent in the fickle entertainment industry,
until you keep on poppin’,
you won’t be living that extravagant life you see on many social media.
the climb to the top can really be just a regula degula situation for many.
once you find your footing to never have to turn back tho…

…and even after you get the come up,
some are still very humbled to live regula degula.
keep climbing everyone.
your time is coming.


Author: jamari fox

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