How Does My Body Guard’s Ass Taste?

tumblr_mnvj0xUgrr1sov0rho1_500weed smoking.
crazy parties.
leather pants wearing.
still managing to have perfect hair.
this is the newest bad boy in the entertainment scene.
breezy wolf move over!
your spot has officially been stolen.
justin biebs sat front row at the miami heat game last night.

photo credit: fan pop

tumblr_mmvizrsaGb1ql5yr7o1_500that bodyguard blocking those people’s view.
he went from semi annoying to “go away” pretty fast, huh?
at least breezy wolf is a bad boy who doesn’t depend on security.

BieberCool_originallowkey: at what point did he think that would be a good idea?
better question:
at what point do you lose yourself and become un-relatable?
hanging with the hoodrats and under achievers helps his street cred.
forgot this was a publicity thing.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “How Does My Body Guard’s Ass Taste?”

  1. See this is what happens when one looks at a pic or something someone said and don’t view it as a whole. The bodyguard didn’t stand there during the game this was when TNT decided to move the cameras in front of him during a break. And y’all know people act the fool when the cameras are on I suggest everyone step back and breathe before passing judgement on him or any other celebrity and look at the entire scene plus put themselves in their shoes and what you have done in this or any other situation.

  2. In. 10 years people will be saying What ever happened to Justin Bieber.BTW I just. Read on TMZ that the girl Miguel injured atty says she has neurological head injury or brain damage Ruh Roh

  3. Now wait just a freakin’ minute…you mean to tell me he had a bodyguard standing behind him blocking the people who paid to see the game? No way in HELL. Fuck that dude…ain’t nobody got time for JB right now..

    I swear they give these celebrities too much shine.

    Justin is going to be one of those “stars” that burns out and crack out. I miss the old Justin from Canada by the way of Youtube….

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