i use to carry the burden of always being on all the time.
even when i didn’t,
i did it out of insecurity tbh.
i wanted people in my real to know i was poppin’ too.
i wanted the wolves i liked to know i was still here.
you know what always annoyed me?

When I was on,
people in my real life would neglect my shit.
When I’m off,
those same people were wondering why I’m not posting.
I had people in group chats discussing WHY I wasn’t posting.
Oh he’s probably depressed again,” they said.
They had my number tho…

that use to fuck me up because they were never shy to support others.
people they talked about like trash got a like.
all of those same people are always and still “on” tho.
they have to let everyone know what cool shit they’re getting into.
it use to make me feel like i wasn’t enough but in reality…


john gaines jr has a “moment”

before it was charlie lynch and marshun cooper,
there was john gaines jr from california.
marvin bienaime was the first photographer to put him on the map.
his pec-bouncing “eye candy” video is still iconic.
john has since moved on,
became a personal trainer and brand ambassador.
he can also add “music video love interest” to his title.
he starred as victoria monet‘s love interest in her video for “moment“…


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omg omg omg omg omg! (the life)

when you stress about an outcome,
or give it more than it needs,
it can really have you slowly lose your mind.
when you are trying so hard to figure out the next game plan,
you don’t realize you’re slowly burning yourself out.
that’s what leads to depression and anxiety.
youstart feeling tired af all the time.
your interest in things you once liked/loved slowly starts to diminish,
everyone else looks like they’re “living the good life”,
and that’s when the “i’m worthless” thoughts start to set up shop.
i can attest to those feelings real heavy.
you know what i’m realizing works better for me?…

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How Does My Body Guard’s Ass Taste?

tumblr_mnvj0xUgrr1sov0rho1_500weed smoking.
crazy parties.
leather pants wearing.
still managing to have perfect hair.
this is the newest bad boy in the entertainment scene.
breezy wolf move over!
your spot has officially been stolen.
justin biebs sat front row at the miami heat game last night.

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Supa Head has a Supa Moment

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X Marks The f0x: The Innocence in The Licking of Your Lips?

It always starts with an intense stare and a lick of the lips.
It all translates to, “so when am I invading those cheeks?” to most Foxes.

What do you think of this?

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