john gaines jr has a “moment”

before it was charlie lynch and marshun cooper,
there was john gaines jr from california.
marvin bienaime was the first photographer to put him on the map.
his pec-bouncing “eye candy” video is still iconic.
john has since moved on,
became a personal trainer and brand ambassador.
he can also add “music video love interest” to his title.
he starred as victoria monet‘s love interest in her video for “moment“…



i’m digging that song.
ima have to check her music out.
r&b will not die.


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A little back story. The morning I got the call about this opportunity I decided that I would step outside my comfort zone and say yes to more opportunities. I had no idea that I would be getting a call literally a few hours later about a music video that would be shot in AFRICA and I’d have to leave in two days. It definitely wasn’t easy to make it happen but I stayed true to my word and had an experience that I will remember the rest of my life. THANK YOU to @victoriamonet and her team for choosing me to bring “moment” to life. I am forever grateful. . . . “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” . . . #musicvideo #moment #uncomfortable #growth #yes #travel #africa #booked #blessed #model #actor #nolimits #push #inspire #motivate #gainsmentality

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the thing i like about john is he is incredibly handsome.
he has the perfect face.
he is the “fione wolf at school/work

” you can’t stop looking at when he walks by.
he has the type of good looks that would make you intimidated to speak to him.
he was dating an equally beautiful black vixen for a while.

What happened to her?

either way,
good for john for taking this big step and adding this to his resume.
he seems to have more personality than the rest.
i’m sure that will take him far.

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11 thoughts on “john gaines jr has a “moment””

  1. Well he surely was getting in at Station 1640 with a bunch on dudes ( GHAYZ) for his birthday on this past Monday in LA …… I am just thinking on a scene that plays in my mind from a gym encounter I witnessed but I didn’t say that …. Sure nothing wrong with GAY friends but one tall lightskin boy had in his hand in the middle belt loop for an extended period of time but I guess that is normal out here in these streets.

  2. I like Victoria Monet. Be on her for years. As for the video, I like that they took a piece of the concept from “Under The Skin”. Movie was freaky as shit!! As for dude seen one you seen them all…

  3. I actually met John and his girlfriend at Cheesecake Factory here in la. They are both sooo gorgeous and friendly. He looks better in person. It’s good that he’s getting out there more.

  4. Those “inspirational quotes” under his instas are so damn cringe.

    So many workout types post the same cliche lines under a wholly unrelated picture. That’s some empty headed moves right there and I hope i’m not wrong that he’s not incredibly boring/vain in conversation.

      1. I got Juanita on the grills and Chris in dining. Gives me a minute to come out n be petty in these threads.

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