john gaines jr has a “moment”

before it was charlie lynch and marshun cooper,
there was john gaines jr from california.
marvin bienaime was the first photographer to put him on the map.
his pec-bouncing “eye candy” video is still iconic.
john has since moved on,
became a personal trainer and brand ambassador.
he can also add “music video love interest” to his title.
he starred as victoria monet‘s love interest in her video for “moment“…


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Jamal Will Be Getting Regular Dick Appointments on “Empire”

remember the first season of “empire”?
how hooked were we?
i remember wednesdays being lit on social media.
i stopped watching when andre was fuckin’ some chick,
all while the ghost of rhonda was watching.
i love all the actors involved,
but the writing went left for me.
is that wrong to font that out loud?
well jamal will have a regular love interest on the show.
he’s actually a foxhole vet from back in the days.
guess who? via tv line
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Tamar’s Love Interest Has A Sex Scene

so i did snooping:

his name is gichi gamba.
he was the wolf silhouette in tamar’s new video:


 a reader said he had some a hot “no peen” scene in zane’s sex chronicles.

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Somaya Reece: Turn Your Mic OFF.

I don’t know if you guys watch “Love and Random Whores of Hiphop” on VH1
but Somaya Reece (of Video Vixen fame) is trying to pursue music.

Everyone needs a shot.

Here is the finished product of her video trailer…

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