Somaya Reece: Turn Your Mic OFF.

I don’t know if you guys watch “Love and Random Whores of Hiphop” on VH1
but Somaya Reece (of Video Vixen fame) is trying to pursue music.

Everyone needs a shot.

Here is the finished product of her video trailer…



…and then she wanted Jim Jones to collab on that mess?
The autotune made her voice sound like the shrills of a screaming banshee.
Not to mention it sounded like she was high on helium.
The “rap” portion was very basic and forgettable.
The production is down right terrible and sounds like it was made on a Casio keyboard.
I’m glad that was the trailer because I plan on skipping the movie.

…but she does get props for her love interest.
He was nice to look at…. while she was on mute.

Label this one: NEGATIVO

2 thoughts on “Somaya Reece: Turn Your Mic OFF.

  1. She’s wack. Auto-tune fail as well. I’m just mad that they’re getting flip w/the people they need to try & get on in the industry. Yeah, Chrissy may not be Jim Jones, but everyone knows that if you want access to a star — you gotta sweettalk the ones in their ear (wifey/gf/bf/secretary/etc.)

    It’s making me wanna watch tho *shrug*

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