Jamal Will Be Getting Regular Dick Appointments on “Empire”

remember the first season of “empire”?
how hooked were we?
i remember wednesdays being lit on social media.
i stopped watching when andre was fuckin’ some chick,
all while the ghost of rhonda was watching.
i love all the actors involved,
but the writing went left for me.
is that wrong to font that out loud?
well jamal will have a regular love interest on the show.
he’s actually a foxhole vet from back in the days.
guess who? via tv line

Empire is going all the way with Jamal’s new squeeze.

Terrell Carter — who made his debut as Dubois scion Warren last May — has been bumped up to series regular ahead of Wednesday’s Season 4 premiere (8/7c, Fox). In the Season 3 finale, duplicitous Lyon-hater Diana DuBois (Phylicia Rashad) dispatched her attorney-musician nephew to seduce Jamal (Jussie Smollett). How will Diana react when Warren (inevitably) develops real feelings for Jamal? And what will Jamal do when he discovers that his new boyfriend is actually a dreaded Dubois?

“Whether or not Diana’s [plot] has the outcome she intends is a big part of the suspense,” teases showrunner Ilene Chaiken.

good to see terrell getting steady work still.
that music thing is an “eh”,
but he has always been a good actor.
i’ll allow it.
now foxhole…

Has “Empire” gotten better?

did they work on all those loose ends and random characters?
i’m being pressured to give “scandal” a try again too.

lowkey: you couldn’t tell me back then i wouldn’t ride terrell.

article: tv line

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Jamal Will Be Getting Regular Dick Appointments on “Empire””

  1. I really like Terrell he seems very humble and grateful.I am happy for him.I have been following him on IG for about a year or so and seen the ups and downs in his career.It’s a bittersweet time for him because his grandmother just died a few days ago.

    I am looking forward to the love scenes between “Warren” and Jamal.

  2. I’m so happy for him. I always see him in West Hollywood and he’s always been nice. Glad he will get to showcase his talent more.

  3. I stopped watching Scandal for two whole seasons but last season?? Babaaayyy that Thang picked up like a dark horse and gave me 1st 3 seasons realness!! Definitely get back into scandal. It’ll bore you at 1st but I promise my friend begged me to try again and I was shook I missed out on watching it live.

  4. Well, this looks like to me, “Romeo and Juliet” storyline for Jamal Lyon and Warren DuBois. I want to know who’s gonna play Jamal’s first cousin and Warren’s best friend. You know like Tybalt Capulet (Juliet’s first cousin) and Mercutio (Romeo’s best friend). Other than that, Terrell Carter, congratulations to you on your role on “Empire.”

  5. I’M surprised because I remember when his ex boyfriend outed him to the blogs and had pictures of him supposedly being at a gay pride beach, but in his defense he never conform or denied it like Kerry Rhodes….

  6. Empire got worse and overdraumatic imo. I mean Terence and Taraji can only carry the show so far. But some of the music is good. But I started watching scandal and actually just finished and the last season was definitely the good writing you should expect from them. And the season finale was on point. BTW, How to get away with murder comes back on Thursday.

  7. Jamal be pulling all the cute pineapples don’t he? 😏Good to see this cutie making moves.

    I started watching empire at season 2 and stopped at the end of it, like you said Terrance and taraji were the only draws for me but the everything else was blah for me.

    I stopped watching scandal but got back into it last season and was glad I did. It’s definitely got back in its groove the writing and acting are back in sync

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