(Well Shiiiiiiiiii…) Aunt Wendy Tole Us This Morning

^that is what aunt wendy wore to work this morning.
“the daily mail” didn’t want to miss a thing.
i thought she would stay silent and let this story pass.
she addressed it on her show this morning.
surprising the fuck outta me.
this is a youtube video capturing what auntie had to say…


nice deflect.
what you thought she was gonna say?

that bastard is cheating on me.
i’m leaving his buffalo looking ass!”

uh no.
wendy knows her pr.
she wasn’t waving that ring at us tho.
she was waving the ring at shaniqua…
or whatever the alleged mistress is named.
the real story is what was said on “the breakfast club”.
charlamange is semi involved.
he knows the mistress in question.
she is from south carolina,
where charlamange is originally from,
and they allegedly use to hang tough.
he said about 10 years ago,
when this alleged affair started.

i love when he said:

remember they don’t know me?

don’t ask me nothing.”

wendy was so unloyal to charlamange for that same big kev.
i’m glad his star is rising.
either way,
auntie is standing by her wolf.
like many said,
she will not be leaving big kev.
those down the rabbit hole like to stay in the dark.

pictures cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “(Well Shiiiiiiiiii…) Aunt Wendy Tole Us This Morning”

  1. She will stand by her guy but tell everybody who ask questions in “Ask Wendy” to leave their cheating man.She will tell Tiny to leave T.I.I rarely watch her show but I remember her saying a man shouldn’t have close female friends.But her rep claims this woman is just a friend.A “friend” who goes grocery shopping,goes to the gym,etc with a married “friend”

    As I have said before my issue is not Wendy staying with a cheater,many women do for various reasons.My issue is she criticizes women who stay with cheaters and she encourages people to leave their cheating spouses.She is a hypocrite.

  2. This is nether here nor there, but um…Shaniqua ain’t cute, at’all…like, if u gon’ cheat, why go lateral (or some might even say down angle; I might have to take Wendy’s ass ova her)?

  3. Trying to save face. How many times did the tone of her voice change during that …? She knows its been exposed. Female friend has your man’s personal mail coming to her box. His personal mail is not the only thing coming to her box

  4. Just saw this tonight on Youtube and you can tell that this has Wendy shook and she is looking like a fool right about now, no way you can spin this is only a friend narrative about the much younger woman, your husband hangs around. Makes me think of an old disco song from Diva Candi Staton called Victim where the song talks about her being a victim of the very song she sings about, and so Wendy is now a victim of her own messiness and it seems like now that the shoe is on her foot, it is hurting real bad. I love how she says she is a str8 shooter and if it was anything to tell she would. Girl Bye, you aint gone say shit. This pineapple has you embarrassed and all yall business on front street. You thought it was cute back in the day when you use to do it to others, but as the old people use to say Keep Living!

  5. Girl bye. I heard that you and your husband has been freaking for years. Three ways and everything lol. Also heard and the streets are talking that she is bisexual. You know your man is messing with that woman lol.

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