omg omg omg omg omg! (the life)

when you stress about an outcome,
or give it more than it needs,
it can really have you slowly lose your mind.
when you are trying so hard to figure out the next game plan,
you don’t realize you’re slowly burning yourself out.
that’s what leads to depression and anxiety.
youstart feeling tired af all the time.
your interest in things you once liked/loved slowly starts to diminish,
everyone else looks like they’re “living the good life”,
and that’s when the “i’m worthless” thoughts start to set up shop.
i can attest to those feelings real heavy.
you know what i’m realizing works better for me?…

concentrating on the now/the work

the now: this very moment.
the work: the foxhole.
as of late,
i’ve been at my most stressed.
my energy level is at it’s lowest.
i don’t want to do anything but sleep all day.
i’m moody af and tend to want to isolate myself.
my cancerian ways come into play here too.
you know what has been keeping me happy?

  • watching movies
  • binging tv shows
  • watching law of attraction videos

not to mention playing these games on my ps4:

… have all kept my mind off mentally creating “impending doom”.
next game i want: detroit: become human.

sidebar: i’m not into fortnite.
i gotta give it another try tho.

when i do me,
with little to no resistance,
i find i vibrate at most highest.
adulting comes naturally and i move at a healthier pace.
bright ideas,
deja vus,
and “a-ha” moments update constantly in my internal hard drive.
so this week,
i’m gonna try something different.
i’ve been on a:

“omg i have to get income.”
“omg i have to get my website monetized.”
“omg i have to get into events.”
“omg i have to get some dick.”
“omg omg omg…”

…and ever since i got let go from that job,
i’ve been on high level depression and stress.
so i’m going to take one day at a time.
ima see how that works than:

“omg omg omg omg omg…”

i’m worn tf out inside and it’s all my doing.

lowkey: i’ve started meditating everyday so that’s a plus.

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10 thoughts on “omg omg omg omg omg! (the life)”

  1. I always have to do extra work to keep calm when im slighted in a way that could hinder my goals. So trying to chill and put effort but not let it stress me and let the universe do its job is always the move I go for. No point emotionally harming yourself in a situation beyond your full control.

    P.s. I have dead by daylight thanks to ps+ and its fun need them to add a bit more in ways of killing plus sets/etc. but so far its not bad. Loved mafia 3 btw I found the collectors edition last year for 25 on the 2k website so been playing it off and on (especially in this political climate) how is Friday the 13th?

    1. ^i agree with everything you fonted ronnie!

      dbd is pretty standard.
      you can’t even fight the killer unless you shine a flashlight at him.

      there are different ways to escape and you can always try to kill jason.
      it’s pretty fun and really gets your adrenaline pumping when you are the final one left on the map lol

      1. They wanted him to be indestructible and succeeded I wish they’d make killing different for different people instead its all just get them to the hook that’s it.

        F13 looks amazing i might try for the game in a couple months when I set my money together, especially the collectors edition.

  2. I’d also like to throw in the movie Avatar… It might not be as “fantasy” as people may believe…This world we live in is a part of a cosmic web. Look at yourself as a video game character and the Earth as a Level. Negativity are the enemies you have to squash and the Big Boss is one’s ego.

    1. Beautifully put. It really all does start in the mind. We have to tune into that voice, and get it to speak positivity and love all around, to get the peace that we seek, especially in these times, when all there seems to be is negativity. I feel like we’re all on the same page today (as far as the topical), which is usually the case when I visit the Foxhole.

  3. OMG I have to get some peen.

    What I’m starting to grin at is that my celibacy streak has been going on for many years. Recently, there’s this person I’ve been thinking about f**King heavly. These random moments be have me wondering. I’ve mentioned in past posts that my mood fluctuates but what I noticed is that when I’m moody or feeling someway..I’ll pass my window and then I’ll see the moon in a certain phase and it’s becoming mighty strange that I get certain ways during certain moon phases, specifically waxing, waning and full moons.

    I restrict my sexual energy and prefer not to waste it on other people…but there are a few people who I get a connection with and it like Cupid shot an arrow at my booty cheeks.

    Since we are all made up of electrical/vibrational energy. A lot of our moods are structured by what we’ve been taking in.

    The Laws of the Universe gives us what we desire…however if we are saying something and thinking differently, things get pretty scrambled.

    I’ve mentioned to one of my colleagues that a lot of people don’t aware of how psychic they really are or how in tune to the “forces”.

    It’s quite simple. You ever kept your mouth shut but thought something in your mind? What’s baffling about this simple feat is that you are able to speak without moving your lips and not only that, you can hear yourself speak these words. To me means that you are communicating on a whole nother astral plane. I do believe you are quite possibly entertaining your own soul.

    You can also use your mind to see into the past and future…but science calls it daydreaming, when the laws of attraction say otherwise…

    I don’t play video games anymore. I used to love it though. Big Street Fighter and Sonic fan but now, when I feel those moments of distress. I always go take a walk by the river and it’s generally amazing how some fresh air and a nice scenery can make you ease your tension some. Afterwards, go take a nice warm bath and eat something and do your favorite cozy thing before bed.

  4. Why are we twins on a whole new level? Man, we be thinking on the same wavelength and utilize the same ways to wind down. I want Detroit: Become Human so bad and it’ll be my next splurge buy. Definitely because im a Detroit native and playing the demo was sooo dope.

    1. ^i love a soul foxhole twin!!!

      i really want the special edition game,
      but i can’t afford it right now.
      the graphics look INSANE.
      that is one of the realistic games i’ve seen on the ps4.

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