omg omg omg omg omg! (the life)

when you stress about an outcome,
or give it more than it needs,
it can really have you slowly lose your mind.
when you are trying so hard to figure out the next game plan,
you don’t realize you’re slowly burning yourself out.
that’s what leads to depression and anxiety.
youstart feeling tired af all the time.
your interest in things you once liked/loved slowly starts to diminish,
everyone else looks like they’re “living the good life”,
and that’s when the “i’m worthless” thoughts start to set up shop.
i can attest to those feelings real heavy.
you know what i’m realizing works better for me?…

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I Hop From Dick to Dick Because The System Pays My Bills Baby!

the vixen on my floor.
about 22 or 23.
every time i see her,
we always speak.
i haven’t seen her in a while,
but i saw her today at the mailbox.
we decided to catch up since we haven’t talked in a while.
she has 2 young kids.
years under each other.
she is also pregnant again.
all different fathers.
i kid you not….
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