I Hop From Dick to Dick Because The System Pays My Bills Baby!

the vixen on my floor.
about 22 or 23.
every time i see her,
we always speak.
i haven’t seen her in a while,
but i saw her today at the mailbox.
we decided to catch up since we haven’t talked in a while.
she has 2 young kids.
years under each other.
she is also pregnant again.
all different fathers.
i kid you not….

i don’t think I’ve ever seen her not pregnant.
she is living off the system so i’m sure her rent is 100 dollars.
food stamps.
free ride.
lucky bitch?
although she has all these kids,
she can’t seem to keep a wolf for too long either.
i have seen various wolves coming in and out of her crib.
her baby daddies are typical cute hood wolves.
d boys if anything.
at least she has good taste?
i can see her appeal tho.
cute face.
red bone.
super fat ass and hips.
nice titties.
she told me today she likes that i’m focused.
i come and i go.
minding my business.
she wished she was but she admits she got caught up in wolves.
she immediately pointed to her stomach.
i smiled but i felt for her.

this is hood life.
having 50-11 kids and living off the system.
the wolves don’t do much but drop their nut off in various holes.
they have it lucky because they choose if they want to be there.
i know wolves with a ton of kids,
different vixens,
and not even interested.
i often said in the gay world,
if men could have a uterus in their butt cheeks,
how many gays would you see with a thousand kids?
maybe it would stop all this hoin’ in these streets?
or would it?
i use to joke with star fox how many kids would we have.
i would have a rich wolf’s baby.
my child support would be epic and on time.


you notice rich people don’t have a lot of chirren?
when you are have,
you have various ways to entertain yourself.
you can jumping out an airplane,
land on your boat,
and then sail to dubai that same day.
most broke people don’t really have that much options.
most have given up on education and bettering themselves.
sex is also free.
its something(one) to “do” when you are bored,
relieves stress,
and nothing feels better than some wet hole/hard dick.

it seems in this lifestyle,
there are too many “bored” people.
go on any chat site and see the same people every day.
 all chasing sex and something to wear.
i started to wonder about if this is why some gays stay stagnant?
do they want more?
gays and straight wolves don’t have the luxury of vixens.
they can have a million kids and live off the system.
men just be broke.
looking for someone to mooch off of.
the struggle can be real.
living off the system can spoil a bitch tho.
do you see the perks they get?
all that our taxes pay for!
i started to wonder in life…

Is it better to live off the system than work hard?

lowkey: it’s crazy we know someone living off the system.
for some,
its your parents.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Hop From Dick to Dick Because The System Pays My Bills Baby!”

  1. It’s sucks we are working hard to pay for these lazy people. The way I see it, working hard has more benefits than being broke. You can tell someone you do nothing put pop out kids and live on welfare for a living. At least if you are trying people will applaud your efforts. It’s really not fair but it’s life.

  2. Just put some Vaseline on a wooden broomstick and honey it does the job. And it more cleaner, in the beginning.

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