The Game Speaks For “Us” and Gives Justin Bieber A Hood Pass

you know i think the game needs to come up off those inches,
but who told him we want justin bieber?…



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Game Speaks For “Us” and Gives Justin Bieber A Hood Pass”

  1. The Game just want to add those white cakes to his body count. Who he foolin? I’m convinced that nigga has fucked every R&B singer.

  2. Biebs will get his hood pass when he sleeps with me lol.

    S/N: Is that Avante in that pic with game. If so, he is a sexy ass nigga got damn, I want beat his down lol.

  3. There has to be some reason Bieber is popular with dudes other then his 14 year old fan base. The twink is doing something right …. just ask little twist and little what’s his name.

    1. It’s the way he looks. I keep telling you guys Justin is bad. Of course the Foxes might not see the appeal, but it is some Wolves who do. You don’t have to have big ass muscles to be fine.

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