What Is Justin Bieber Doing In The Hood?

i mean,
it’s a question.
why would justin bieber be in the hood?
…and at the swap meet,
no less?
this is the footage an f-bi sent to me…
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Justin Bieber Is Now The “9 to 5” To Selena Gomez Weeknd?

we have all been “the idiot” once or twice in our lives.
i know i’ve been.
in relationships,
it’s easy to say “what you gon’ do” before it actually happens.
good sex and emotions done trapped most of ya’ll up.
this is the dilemma of selena gomez.
it seems she is back with her ex,
justin bieber.
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“Taylor Swift” Matters To Selena Gomez; Not #blacklivesmatter ?

tumblr_o1kliqBXFR1ui4m4bo6_500you gotta defend your people.
you can’t let anyone just come at them cray.
well that’s what the one woman army called “selena gomez” did.
she was gonna help out her friend in need.
the friend being taylor swift during her scandal.
this is what selena allegedly posted in response to it…
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I Need of a “Revival”


so it might be happening.
i heard “same ol love” and was like:

“aight this is cool.”

i found myself boppin’ to “hands to myself”.
that damn “kill em with kindness” been following me everywhere.
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Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.01.53 PMmeet the new instagram queen.
selena gomez is the highest followed celebrity at 71.1 million.
i actually don’t know much about her.
i do like ^that shot and her “hands to myself” joint.

i think she looks stunning and deserving of vixen candy.

lowkey: when you have over a certain amount of followers,
i expect your “likes” to be as much.
you got 10k followers,
but 50-100 likes?

check out selena on: instagram