Justin Bieber Has Left The Building

someone call the cops!
the f-bi!
the national guard!
justin bieber deleted his instagram.
when you go to it

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.07.46 PMhe is ( x no more ).giphyi guess all that misery,
and ( x selena gomez clap backs ),
ran him off.
i’m sure he’ll be back.
make sure his bielbers are okay tho.
it’s either going to be a mass suicide or stalking selena gomez.

7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Has Left The Building

  1. Wait…

    He will be alright because he got the black celebrities that will come to support him if times get tough -_-

  2. I’ll never understand why these artists wait until they get on top…and then wanna act a fool and come crashing down!! I’m sure he’ll rebound when he does rear his head again, but the foolishness has to stop! At some point your fans are going to be like enough…and your ass will be doing nostalgia tours to make a living.

    1. ^its always the cocky ones who want to fuck around and diss fans.
      as soon as they fall off,
      they want to start tap dancing for sales.
      nah homie.
      you done here!

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