Robert Griffin III Is Going To Be Single and All By Himself

rebeccaliddicoatwell who didn’t see this coming?
so robert griffin III and his wife,
becky rebecca,
are calling it quits.
the papers are being drafted up as we font.
this is what tmz had to say…

Robert Griffin III’s marriage is just about over … the NFL star has separated from his wife and the two are in the process of filing for a divorce … this according to

The Browns QB married college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat in 2013 and just last year she gave birth to a baby girl.

But Griffin has reportedly told his teammates and coaches that the marriage has hit a wall — and both parties are going their separate ways.

And get this … RG3 has already scrubbed his Instagram page of all traces of Rebecca.

RG3 is said to be having a tough time with the situation — but he’s working through it with the support of family and friends.

i mean,
after i saw this:


…and the other “i’m not interested” moves she has pulled,
i kinda figured this little union would not last.
i hope they can at least co parent without any the drama.

now if we can get him to divorce that hairstyle

article credited: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Robert Griffin III Is Going To Be Single and All By Himself”

  1. I think he was too young anyways i think people should take their time when on the path to marriage. I hope he signed a prenup besidez Becky wanted a comeup like most og these chicks do. They marry and pop out kids quickly

  2. His dumb ass should’ve seen that all he was to her was a big ass payday!! LOL
    She probably getting the pipe from his teammate (they ain’t above that…ask Russell Wilson), another NFL player, or one of his homies!
    These chicks are triflin’…and the dudes are even dumber!!

  3. To hell with the marriage story lets talk about that big mouth on him and see if we can find out what it do…

  4. I don’t know about you’ll but I’m kind of feeling Robert. I just need for him to cut his hair, go to a great dermatologist, get some braces, and let Jamari style him.

  5. You know his dumbass didn’t get no prenup.

    Now she’s about to get millions and go get a white man lol

    I’m sure some other white chick is waiting in the stands to take her place too and his dumbass will fall for it again and be married again in two years lol

  6. Apparently the dumb ass didn’t learn his lesson! TMZ got pics of him with another Becky and in one pic (looks like a selfie) he kissing her on the neck and she looking in the camera all disinterested! LMAO
    She sees $$$ signs too!

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