I Need of a “Revival”


so it might be happening.
i heard “same ol love” and was like:

“aight this is cool.”

i found myself boppin’ to “hands to myself”.
that damn “kill em with kindness” been following me everywhere.

i’m about to listen to the selena gomez record,
i’m mad i like selena gomez songs.
as much as i try to avoid it,
i can’t.

it seems like it’s a “break up” record tho.
i’m trying to break free of many things right now.

lowkey: i love how music can speak for you when you have no voice.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “I Need of a “Revival””

  1. Don’t be ashamed. That whole album is pretty good. She worked with some good producers and writers.

    1. I was very disappointed in that one Mikey. Three tracks were all that pulled me in.
      It was lacking something. Sade can take long breaks and come back like she never left…no one else seems to be able to pull off that feat. Lol

      1. Sade is TIMELESS! I didn’t know Maxwell had a new album though! Sad to hear it’s a disappointment,I do like his music, especially his older works. I’ll give it a listen though!

  2. Last year she was working with this vocal coach named Stevie Mackey.He was on Kelly Rowland’s BET show Chasing Destiny.He also worked with JLo on her Vegas show this year.He can help make a mediocre singer sound good.

      1. 😀 I actually hadn’t heard of Stevie until this year when I saw him on Chasing Destiny.He had such a positive,beautiful energy that I went and watched his interviews and listened to his performances.I think he has a beautiful voice,I wish he would put out a record.

        I forgot to mention earlier that Rob(DenojustDeno),the guy with cancer is doing better.He posted a video getting a pedicure and today he has been posting funny memes and he went to a July 4th party.Up until this weekend he hadn’t really been out and about since he had surgery about 2 months ago.So that’s good news.

  3. I do like Selena Gomez, and just like Taylor Swift, they make catchy songs that makes you sing along. Plus Selena is a pretty girl with many years of Disney under her belt☺️☺️

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