How The Attentionista Got Her Small Waist (You Can Too!)

35DF63AB00000578-0-image-m-15_1467477679747even i asked myself what was the sorcery behind ^this.
well kim kardashian heard all our questions,
in and out our heads,
and decided to address it on her snapchat.
so kim was one of the featured guests in the new fergie video,
don’t even ask.
well that was one of of kim’s featured scenes and…
her waist looks non existent.
ironically a bag or large sweater isn’t hiding it.
kim was legit walking around with props tho.

so this is her answer



i believe the corset rather than working out.
she even released a behind the scenes:

 1ec43d59a84828f84bc6c1c39cf7827ehow tight is that damn corset?
there must be another way to look smaller.
her body doesn’t look like one that goes hard in the gym.
the ig fitness vixens body her.
she even had coats on in 90 degree weather,
for god sakes.
well if she likes it,
i loves it.
i’m more confused at this new fergie song/video for “milf$”:

this is kinda backwards for her,
isn’t it?

*images and videos all credited to owners | kim kardashian

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “How The Attentionista Got Her Small Waist (You Can Too!)”

  1. Kim is full of shit. Lol pilates is hard core work and it would certainly show.

    She doesn’t even look like the type to work out. Zero sign of any lean muscle.

    She uses good angles, photoshop, and control tops and corsets and she’s still a far cry from her prime.

    1. It’s understandable to an extent.
      She has two small children.
      The only issue is her trying to hold on to this sex symbol status and Kanye trying to oil her up and slide her into couture.

  2. I liked the video but not the song,, fergie this sounds like something that should have come out in the mid 2000s

    As for Kim …………………Meh

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a couple of ribs removed, after she finishes having kids ,to achieve a smaller waist.Last year I read about some women who had six ribs removed.SMH

  4. you can look at someone like Brittany Renner who works out, still has a womanly shape, curves for days, ass and what Kim doesn’t have…muscle tone. Sorry Kim, try again, maybe she should have snapchatted a pic of her outpatient surgeons office. …

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