amber rose is in “love” with a fine young ting

how much wolves has amber rose been with since wiz?
serious question.
she always throws up some #relationshipgoals on ig,
claims she is in love,
and then it’s gone a month or two later.
she’s in another “love” high for this year.
she posted the following ig caption:

…to the following picture:

i wanted to know who the packin’ nba baller wolf was
but after investigating the tag…

he posted her.
his name is monte morris and he plays for the denver nuggets….

he is cute too.
the cutest one she has dealt with,
if we are being honest.
a little run down on monte from his dossier:

175 lbs
forest: grand rapids, michigan
college: iowa state
drafted: 2017
position: point guard
salary: 3 yrs/4.8 million

he’s a young which means he’s might still be immature af.
i’m sure the pipe is turning her out,
but what else is she really getting out of this?
he’s smashing his jack off fantasy,
as the rest did,
but what about her?

in my head,
she’s an escort or a beard.

“slut walk” be damned,
she keeps running through wolves with no end game.
i’d like to see amber rose settle down with the wolf of her dreams,
and i really thought it was 21 savage or even wiz.
i think it’s time to take for her to figure it out.

lowkey: i’d deal with monte for some dick and some outings.
he’s young and plays sports so you know he has that stamina.
i’m sure we’ll be hearing about a baby mama sooner than later.
it’s in his “baller wolf” story line.

11 thoughts on “amber rose is in “love” with a fine young ting

  1. Honestly, Amber is entirely too old for this mess, and it is tired. Men will never take her seriously. The fact that she pointed out the contract screams gold digger.

  2. Amber & Iggy Azalea know how to pull the finest baller boys. I’m not mad at her when all these boys drool over them

  3. My guess is that Amber Rose wants child support for 18 years from this dude. He should keep his penis in his pants and run from her, now!

  4. I don’t know what it is with her, blac chyna & keyshia cole thinking these young dudes are going to be worth more than good dick & a headache but good luck I guess.

    23 is close-ish to my age but I just don’t see why somebody would date young like what y’all have in common? What’s he/she doing with their young lives that you feel you need to join in?

  5. You are right on one thing- he’s fucking his fantasy! Amber Rose the resident whore has fished another young’un. Lets see how long this one last.

    Now these bitches always exaggerate about dick size. What does Amber Rose call BIG?? WTF does she know about BIG. Trust me if she really had a BIG dick she would stop fucking around. That pussy would have been chaffed. He looks like he has load but not BIG…hate when these bitches talk about dicks when they don’t know about dicks.

    I hope he uses condoms as the last thing he needs is a child from this whore. But we all know they NEVER use condoms. Its the Raw generation so dicks flying into pussies and asses and the STD’s are having a field day !!!!!

    SMFH…..Shout out to Wiz for being a caring Dad and Mother to his child

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