now i see why shawn wells calls himself “daddy”

i’d love him dripping all over me.
so shawn wells is embracing his inner attentionisto.
i’m a little scared at what’s to…
as you know,
he has an “onlyfans”.
well a foxholer sent me a preview of the inches shawn is carrying.

my manners.
so shawn has:


what’s wrong with him otherwise?
he is #physical goals.
shawn was gonna charge to see the inches on his “onlyfans”:

a side of me says keep it under wraps,
but then the ratchet in me says fuck that!
it doesn’t help he looks like this:


lowkey: he is my fantasy wolf.
if he ever released a sex tape,
i would spontaneously combust with pre cum.

check out shawn’s onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “now i see why shawn wells calls himself “daddy””

  1. He can cream pie my asshole with his chocolate big dick and he got a cute ass sitting face. He looks like Tyson Beckfor

  2. Please… Do not upload anything from my only fans account or I’ll completely shut it down.. I appreciate any other support but i don’t Condon this

    1. you should shutdown your only fans account now, for it’s only going to get worst if you post any xxx videos or nudes of yourself. (they) will have your shit all over tumblr

    2. @Wells Phargo

      LMAO how did you find this blog? 😆
      If it’s really you, allow me to apologize for the thirst of my brethren. We mean no harm. We just wanna admire your beautifeer body with the utmost respect (and maybe lick a nipple or two lol) *ahem* but um seriously, I wish you all the success you can handle my brutha. Get dem coins 😗

  3. he’s fine af and dark skin…so he is a go for me! i’m a little surprised to see him on OnlyFans b/c he seems so humble on ig – most ‘str8’ dudes have onlyfans for attention and money none of which he needs.

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