the monster next door killed his happy family

stories like the following intrigue me.
i get so wrapped up in trying to find the motive behind the murder.
why do hyenas do what they do?
did their victims know?

so the recent story of alleged snow jackal,
chris watts,
is a haunting one.
it shows the true nature of an alleged pyschopath.
so chris confessed to murdering his pregnant wife,
shanann watts,
and his 3 and 4 year old cubs,
bella and celeste.
shannan was found dead,
while the two cubs were also found dead in oil and gas tanks.
he use to work where the cub’s bodies were discovered.
how sloppy was this crime?
this news interview i watched of him talking about his family tho…

…he didn’t strike me that he was phased about them missing.
from his body language,
and the slight smirk,
you can tell he is guilty.
what’s worse is the alleged mark on his neck.
the cameraman zoomed in because they knew what time it was.
i think they could tell he was full of shit.

everyone who knows them are saying they’re shocked.

“he fooled them” is what i saw in one report.
i mean,
from the pics/videos i’ve seen,
they looked like a happy suburban family.
ones who showed off their lives heavily on social media.
behind the scenes,
they were allegedly in serious debt.

So why would he kill them if they were in debt?

was she trying to leave?
was he?
why would you kill your whole family like that?

no motive has been revealed yet as to why he did it.
it’s a shame he ended their lives so tragically.
i hope they throw him under the jail.

 joe budden said you can’t murder or cheat nowadays.
not in this era of technology.
i believe it.
when two cubs were killed out here a few summers ago,
they pinged all the phones that were in that area.
the phone closest to the crime scene is how the killer was found.
our phones/watches are literal tracking devices.
cameras are pretty much everywhere nowadays.
we are creatures of habit as well.
we pay our bills on a certain day of the month,
buy groceries at a particular store,
or we enjoy certain restaurants or clubs.
our loved ones adjust to those habits and vice versa.
when you suddenly break those routines,
it can alarm suspicion.
you’ll be surprised who watches when you come and go.
someone is always watching.
stay safe foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the monster next door killed his happy family”

  1. His motive: He was crazy, narcissistic or “not human”.

    Also folks should remember how taxing raising a family is. Women have a burden of holding the child and men are stereotyped to be the providers which means they “have to provide”. Raising a family ain’t easy and it’s not wonder why men die and age faster than women (those that get married that is.)

    He may have reached a point in his life and said F*ck it all.

    He is a visible reminder that you nveen know who you’re dealing with in your day to day life.

    I’ve met a guy who I though was the cutest thing ever. He was quite and seemed like the cute guy type and he turned out to be a cold blooded murdered who ended up getting killed himself.

    1. If you don’t want a family/children…don’t do it. NOBODY is holding a gun to their head, saying they HAVE to do it. People ask me why I don’t have kids, and I bluntly tell them I don’t want the responsibility. I like the fact that I can go where I want, do what I want, when I want without having to worry about a family.

      People get caught up in this “fairy-tale” image (especially women) of being married, having kids, etc. Knowing full well their partner isn’t on the same page. I’ve seen women pressuring their boyfriends into marriage, having kids, etc.
      If I don’t want that, guess what…I’m leaving. No one is going to “force” me into doing something I don’t want. That only leads into a unhappy marriage, followed by infidelity, and possibly murder (depending on the mindset of the partner).

      First rule of any relationship…COMMUNICATION.

  2. You see this BS all the time. These guys get out there and plead for the return of their loved ones, knowing full well they killed them and dumped or dismembered the body(ies) somewhere

    It’s made me jaded to the point where I’m like the husband/wife did it, right off the bat!

    To kill your family like that, with little kids and an unborn child at that..that takes a sociopath of extreme levels.

    1. ^he didn’t even look like he cared.
      he was about to bust out laughing.
      i just don’t understand his motive.
      let’s hope he gives a reason.

  3. I know this especially as I found out the government has towers disguised to track terrorists. Whenever your signal randomly goes out, possible it connected to a fake tower. Especially in the DC area.

    But that last line still scared me. *turns on light as I finish this 10 page paper*

    1. ^don’t be scared.
      be alert and keep yourself protected at all times.
      let those closest to you know when you’re breaking the routine they know you do.
      so someone can have a clue into what’s up.

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