a lesson in how to save your tail in the workplace (taught by omarosa?)

i’m starting to think omarosa went into that white house with a plan.
she didn’t go in there trying to play nice.
not with the following allegations about how much tapes she has.
you won’t even believe it via “the huffington post”

Omarosa Manigault Newman may have an archive of up to 200 secretly recorded audio files from her time working in the White House, The New York Times reported Thursday.

…excuse me?
that goes beyond “trying to cover my own tail”.
she knew the deal from the start.
i don’t see why she is getting shit for recording either.
you think the rest aren’t?
the trump forest is a dishonest place.
i bet they have every time they take a dump on record.
this is a teachable moment for all of us.
in any form of work,
it’s imperative to keep a paper trail.
there is no “holding someone to their word”.
favors can lead to “i never said that” when danger is approaching.
anyone has the ability to screw you over,
especially the ones you have lunch and attend happy hour with.

i made this one latina she jackal cry at my past job once.
uh huh.
she nearly got me fired trying to kiss up to the new boss.
the bitch started out trying to be nice to me,
but i peeped she was fishing for information.
you can tell when someone is trying to get your dirt.
i was already clued in on how she operates beforehand.
the janitor told me to watch out for her.
this is why it pays to be cool with everyone.
some of ya’ll be too bougie out here.

i learned she had a lot of beef with past workers at that job.
i was doing such a good job that higher ups took notice,
and of course,
she found herself getting jealous of my success.
so she did something and tried to throw me under the bus.
bad enough she had one of her male minions,
one who was trying to fuck her,
was okay being used in her schemes against me.
too bad for her,
i had an email that implicated both of them that saved my tail.
i heard they were sent to the office,
written up,
and she started weeping.
his dumb ass wasn’t already liked by the higher ups.
i got a call from a white higher up she manipulated on the regular:

“i dunno what is going on with her.
she is going through a lot of stress right now.”

well go see a fuckin psychiatrist.
don’t take the shit out on me.
they learned early on jamari fox is not to be fucked with.
they both never spoke to me again.

i have so many stories of those who tried to fuck me over at jobs.
i never yelled or caused a scene.
you don’t know your co workers and jobs makes folks disloyal.
once you learn that,
and keep your documentation in order,

you’ll never be fucked with.

lowkey: that road might be lonely,
but always remember,
YOU are important.
protect you at all cost.

article cc: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “a lesson in how to save your tail in the workplace (taught by omarosa?)”

  1. I’m sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I don’t trust Hispanics in the work place. Especially if they speak English! They automatically think they are white and try to come for your shit!! Can’t apply this to them all, but I have seen ENOUGH experiences.

  2. They make all kinds of recording devices disguised as jewelry, glasses, pens, hairpieces, wristbands. Ain’t no telling how she did it. But inquiring minds want to know.

  3. I want to know what she used to record these conversations the audio is so clear.If she used her phone where was it.I read phones weren’t allowed in rooms like Situation Room so where did she hide the phone or recording device?

    1. ^i want answers!!!!!
      she needs to write another book on her tactics.
      i know i’ve used my phone as a recording device before at work.
      when i was getting a write up,
      i had my phone in my lap and pressed record.
      the quality came out clear.
      i wouldn’t be surprised if she had a full wire on.

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