chris watts: the murderous undercover dl bisexual hybrid?

i usually don’t scream that i think someone is gay,
out loud anyway,
but something in my foxy senses said:

“I wouldn’t be shocked if Chris Watts had secrets.”

something inside me “dinged” hard with that one.
well i may have been right.
“the male side piece” has allegedly come forth.

i know.
i know.
the foxhole,
far and wide,
alerted me of the story that i had to post.
this is what “the post” had to font…
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the monster next door killed his happy family

stories like the following intrigue me.
i get so wrapped up in trying to find the motive behind the murder.
why do hyenas do what they do?
did their victims know?

so the recent story of alleged snow jackal,
chris watts,
is a haunting one.
it shows the true nature of an alleged pyschopath.
so chris confessed to murdering his pregnant wife,
shanann watts,
and his 3 and 4 year old cubs,
bella and celeste.
shannan was found dead,
while the two cubs were also found dead in oil and gas tanks.
he use to work where the cub’s bodies were discovered.
how sloppy was this crime?
this news interview i watched of him talking about his family tho…

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