X Marks The f0x: The Innocence in The Licking of Your Lips?

It always starts with an intense stare and a lick of the lips.
It all translates to, “so when am I invading those cheeks?” to most Foxes.

What do you think of this?


Damn, Deron was smiling all up in his face.
Things that make you go “Hmmmm….

15 thoughts on “X Marks The f0x: The Innocence in The Licking of Your Lips?

  1. I love it. Says a lot about the evolution of man’s sexuality. I remember a time when something like that would’ve NEVER happened.

  2. Didn’t notice Baron at first.

    Deron is fine as fuck. Black, brown, or beige: Black men are fine for no gotdamn reason.

    Didn’t see anything suspect about this interaction, just sexy all around.

  3. So am I the only one who thinks Deron did it purposely as a joke. It looks like he & Baron were playing w/each other (not like that – y’all dirty! lol). I’m not seeing some big “OMG, he’s gay/DL” moment here…

    1. ^but the point is that does happen.
      Regardless if they are joking,
      I know Wolves who have looked at me the way Deron did….

      …. And it was not funny.
      Actually made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside lol aka “please come get this before I tackle you”.

      1. I had that tingle to Jamari I had to say WHOOOOO when I saw it. Yng we have all done and received that look so you know what it means

    2. Well I don’t know if it was sexual, but I like the boldness of it.
      I find it amusing in general when dudes are comfortable enough with themselves to act gay with their friends even though they’re straight…if that makes sense.

  4. Not all people can be seductive licking their lips. Some it’s a hell yes some it’s a hell no. S/N you can tell deron and Baron have either something going on or a deep deep history. Baron prob banging the breaks of deron

    1. (licks lips back at Nerd) Nigga I’m gonna come by your crib and bang your ass to pieces the night. 🙂

  5. They probably was jus playin. I don’t see anything else that indicates that they’re are not. We know how these guys play around.

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