Supa Head has a Supa Moment


He is driving her shit?
He has a small dick?
And she pays for everything?

… yeah, I’m doing the same thing Rihanna.
If I ever became that stupid, please slap me. 

13 thoughts on “Supa Head has a Supa Moment

  1. You Should Have A Segment Called “Ratchet Moment Of The Week”,, Justt For Shit Like This

  2. This BITCH is stupid as hell, we tired of her acting like she has a sense of standards when she doesn’t, hell we tired of a sudo-porn star writing books about the dicks she sucks and fucks, make more videos they will sell more…she’s wack and stupid, cause clearly he will get ALIMONY if she leaves…she should have chilled with Eddie.

  3. No, not Eddie; a new dude. Who I have little sympathy for, because if you don’t know who she is by now…that’s on you.

  4. This is why she is not wife material.
    You don’t air your dirty laundry like that.

  5. Wow! Who is this person she just put on display lol. See this is why you shouldnt fake anything in a relationship, be honest and let that person go. Perfect example

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