When We Role Play… (24)


You know a Fox that is a pretty good guy.
You met him a year ago through a hookup, but it did not work out.
He has a good personality, good looks, and you take care of him like a big brother.
The relationship now is strictly platonic and you do not have any feelings for him.

So, you know he is single and you decide to hook him up with your friend.
You grew up with your boy, who you knew since ya’ll were kids.
You decide to play match maker and hook them up.
They hit it off and decide to get into a relationship a few months later.

You go to your boy’s crib and since you have the keys,
you walk into his room and see this…

… that is NOT the Fox you hooked him up with underneath him!!!

Do you keep a secret?
Do you tell your Fox friend what you saw?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (24)”

  1. I would have a talk with ol boy that I grew up with about his trifling ways, but I would not tell my fox friend what I saw.

      1. Well that’s the way I play it Jamari. Why would I put myself at the center of their drama? The only reason I would talk to ol boy is because I walked in on it and I obviously know what’s going on.

  2. At the point they decide to get into a relationship, their courtship is no longer my business. At that point, my friend becomes responsible for his own relationship and what he does and doesn’t do to fuck it up.
    There are a lot of factors to consider:
    Are they going through a rough period in their relationship?
    Has my fox friend ever stepped out on my childhood friend?

    I wouldn’t tell the fox about what my friend is doing, but I would talk to my friend and let him know that he needs to come clean, otherwise he and I will have a problem. Additionally, I would talk with my fox friend and tell him not to let love blind him from any truth. Because I guarantee that if ol’ boy is cheating and has been for awhile, the fox is (on some level) aware.

  3. Turn around, walk out the door and act like you never saw it. As Ma used to say, “Stay out of grown folks business.”

    They are in the relationship, not you. Matter of fact, they may have an open thing.

    Another thing you could do is ask your friend, “How is the relationship going with X?” If they are still head over heels don’t say shit. If your Fox buddy starts saying he is concerned or worried just listen and be a good friend when it breaks up.

    That’s al you can do


  4. well i would try to stay out of there business cause you dont awnt to seem like your all up in there business. then i would try to talk to them seperate being sure not to mention what i just saw to my fax friend. in the end thats all one can do.

  5. I would talk to my boy after, just because I saw it & I’m aware – to see what’s going on. I would let him know that I’m not saying anything, but if fox comes to me, I’m not gonna lie for him…so he needs to deal with this.

  6. Firstly, I’m not likely to see something like that because if I were a key holder to his flat, I wouldn’t just let myself in, without prior arrangement. But if I did see it, I would talk to him, and give him the chance to come clean to his Partner. They may have some kind of open relationship thing going on – who knows?.

    Secondly, I don’t like being put in a position like that, and would stress that point with vigor!

  7. Honestly, I would probably not say anything to my fox friend. But I will have a nice talk with my boy. This is a sticky situation since 1) it’s not my business and 2) there’s a fine line that I do not want to cross. I know how loyal I am to my friends, so I would just have to express how I feel about him sexing up some other man, when he is in a relationship with my friend. That would be it. Everything else is up to him.

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