Is K Michelle Trying To Sink Her Own Ship?

K-Michelle-2013-She-Is-Divai just posted about k michelle a week or so ago.
i saw her cry on “sway in the morning” and was touched.
now i go read this alleged tale of her diva behavior and i’m thrown off.
you might not hear k michelle’s music on the radio again.
well i haven’t ever,
but i really won’t hear it now after this alleged story via alwaysalist

R&B singer K.Michelle released her third album, “More Issues Than Vogue” (Atlantic Records) on Feb. 19 and the CD’s title may have been a foretelling of what was to come.

The Memphis-bred artist—whose birth name is Kimberly Michelle Pate—has a big issue now in real life because the broadcast conglomerate Radio One owned by media mogul Cathy Hughes has issued a mandate across all stations to yank her music from their playlists.

Several Radio One executives spoke to and confirmed that you will no longer hear any songs by K.Michelle—past, present or any artist that features her on a collaboration—due to her bailing on several Radio One promotional events while she was in the Washington, DC earlier this month.

Apparently, Radio One’s WKYS 93.9 FM’s new morning show, “The FAM with Lil’ Mo and DJ QuickSilva” was hosting a fan breakfast for 50 fans of K.Michelle that was going to be broadcast on the air. Because the event was scheduled to take place on April 1, the co-hosts—Lil’ Mo, DJ QuickSilva and Britt Waters—and the 50 fans that gathered at the studio thought it was an April Fools prank when they were told that the “Love & Hip Hop” star decided to no-show.

Reps for the 32-year-old singer told Radio One that she wanted to stay a Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC the night before the appearance, but because the property was sold out she had to stay in the nearby city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Supposedly, K.Michelle did not want to wake up early and make the hour-long commute to Silver Spring, Maryland where the WKYS studios are based “because she wanted to sleep,” her rep also told the Radio One team.

There was one K.Michelle fan in attendance that revealed that she had decided to skip her chemotherapy treatment that morning for a chance to meet the singer. She was devastated the booty-enhanced belter was so dismissive of her supporters.

As a result of the decision, Radio One’s top brass made the call to pull all of K.Michelle’s music on all of their 55 broadcast stations in 16 markets across the country.


i really hope this is not true.
she is at no position to be a diva right now.
no offense to her,
but she is still an upgraded keyshia cole who does reality tv.
she is the most successful out the reality bottom feeders,
but i always expect her to set a better example.
she may need a speech from nigel from “the devil wears prada”:

in a nutshell:

“wake up k michelle.
there are a million girls,
ones who are hungry and out for blood,
that will gladly take your spot

alwaysalist got an update about the situation which read:

Though they initially declined to comment, a rep for Atlantic Records then acknowledged there was “an issue in DC” then said that the our story was “incorrect.” The spokesperson indicated that in addition to what we previously reported about Radio One’s Detroit station is still playing K.Michelle, she is still in rotation in Richmond, VA; Raleigh, NC and Houston, Texas as well.

search_resultsher people need to work out a schedule for her.
this is the career k michelle chose.
if she can’t handle it then she needs to stop wasting her fans time.

Is it wrong to think this?

 k needs to take a break.
time for a much needed vacation.

story found: alwaysalist

5 thoughts on “Is K Michelle Trying To Sink Her Own Ship?

  1. “When the hate doesn’t work they’ll start spreading lies, lawd.”

    This story is so fake.

  2. As much as her personality can be a handful I hope the story isn’t true as well. Anyone in the entertainment business can tell you that your fans are hella important, it’s because of them she has any kind of career.

    P.S. I love that speech from that movie! Along with the fashion transformation montage that follows it. I need every artist from music to movies and in between to understand there is always someone younger, more talented, and hungrier for it than you around the corner so don’t ever feel like you’re to big because God has a funny way of proving you wrong.

  3. She sounded horrible on Wendy Williams today,IMO.In good news Wendy said her album was #1 on the RnB charts.Wendy asked her if she was sexually fluid.She said she is gay on the holidays.

  4. We know she can be a diva. The industry has been good to her because she does sell music pretty well, but she may need to pump her brakes before her fans bail out in her. The worst thing to become is a “has been” who has to end up marrying a successful man because her career either failed or ended abruptly. We all know of an artist who had to take that route. Yea I am talking about Ciara lol.

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