Rihanna Holds A Fan’s Virtual Hand As They Come Out

tumblr_n4vjxuMxd51ra37f1o1_500rihanna is an angel.
i swear she is.
one of my readers sent me this today and i started to tear up.
so the gist of this story goes like this.
rihanna and a fan been communicating via dm.
they both have been following each other on twitter for years.
well the fan was insecure about coming out and decided to dm rihanna.
i mean if you got a major pop star on speed dial,
then why not?
this is the convo between the two…



how dare she be so caring to her fans??!?!?
the absolute nerve of her!

my support for her grows stronger every time i read things like this.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Rihanna Holds A Fan’s Virtual Hand As They Come Out”

  1. Yeah that was sweet I saw this yesterday.The fan is a gay Black man he contacted Buzzfeed and shared his story.He confided with her on Twitter a month ago and he will be meeting her in July when the tour comes to his hometown.He hopes to be out of the closet by the time he meets her in July.I assumes he means out to his family by then.

  2. That was very sweet of her. Again, not her fan musically, but the more I see of her personality, the more I like her. I think I have a true sense of who she is now. She may do some outlandish things but she seems pretty cool as a person. Much respect to her for helping her fan. If it helps him, then I’m for it.

    1. Okay!…. Lol I don’t believe anything famous people do nowadays.. Everything is so contrived in the media.

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