The Follow Up That Is “Michael Jackson” NOT Played By

well that was quick.
even resting peacefully,the king of pop can still make moves.
so remember ( x that disgusting trailer ) for what i thought was a movie,
but is really a show,
called “urban myths”?
they had a white actor “trying” to play michael jackson.
well it’s been pulled from the episode line up.
here is what happened via npr
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Is K Michelle Trying To Sink Her Own Ship?

K-Michelle-2013-She-Is-Divai just posted about k michelle a week or so ago.
i saw her cry on “sway in the morning” and was touched.
now i go read this alleged tale of her diva behavior and i’m thrown off.
you might not hear k michelle’s music on the radio again.
well i haven’t ever,
but i really won’t hear it now after this alleged story via alwaysalist
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Don’t Mess With North Korea

tumblr_ngqxjfbL181qzx3jto1_1280i think they you mean “FAIL”.
so i been seeing commercials for this movie called “the interview”.
it starred seth rogan and james franco.
sony pictures is the studio behind the movie.
the plot was those two doofuses going to kill kim jong-un,
the leader of north korea.
i instantly thought the film was a very bad idea.
very bad.
last month,
sony hq’s private emails ironically got hacked revealing EVERYTHING.
directors were talkin’ shit about angelina jolie,
kevin hart,
and a host of others.
very ironic.
well if you were planning on seeing “the interview” on christmas day,
it looks like you better go see something else
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Was Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By A Bee or a Bear?

tumblr_mt792mlkwi1r6qguso1_500yes that was beyonce.
now you see her and then you didn’t.
she got yanked by some crazy fan when she performed in brazil yesterday.
i keep sayin’ some of the beyhive is unstable.
look at this crazy shit…
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Beyonce Done Pulled Her Weave Out


yeah….i dunno how i feel about beyonce with this short hair.
at least she could have went jet black on us.
switch it up with some other color than blonde.
that actually woulda been really dope.

lowkey: is her tour over now?

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