Was Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By A Bee or a Bear?

tumblr_mt792mlkwi1r6qguso1_500yes that was beyonce.
now you see her and then you didn’t.
she got yanked by some crazy fan when she performed in brazil yesterday.
i keep sayin’ some of the beyhive is unstable.
look at this crazy shit…

oh haaaaaayyyyyyllllleeeee naw.
well being the professional that she is,
she went to thank the crazy stan...

that was nice of her!
i would punched him.

obviously she is more professional than “ratchet jamari”.

2 thoughts on “Was Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By A Bee or a Bear?

  1. Beyonce is just THAT CHICK. Point blank. She handled it like a pro and this just proves that that’s what she is meant to do ad that she’s a gangster. Could you imagine if that would of happened to Britney’s looney ass? Or Rihanna’s dramatic ass?

  2. she put her weave back in? lol i’m just glad she’s okay omg she might need more protection then just Julius…but i’m not gonna hold you her security moves fast that fan couldn’t harm her even if he wanted to.

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