Next Time We F, I Want To Make Love (It’s Yours)

drake-nothing-was-the-same-album-cover3i woke up this morning with intentions to write about last night.
i see today tho is going to be a blessed day.
drizzy’s album got some early leakage and…
drakesftb201361462021_tumblr_mi909x9rqe1rv8logo1_500….i’m feelin it HEAVY!
loving “own it”,
“from time”,
and “furthest thing”.
i’m not disappointed over breakfast this morning.
what about you?

x do you like NWTS.ZIP as well?

support drake next week on the 24th.
maybe the 17th since this leaked early.

x buy album when it comes out

lowkey: jhene aiko >>>> cassie

Author: jamari fox

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