You Don’t Even Need To Give Throat To Get Someone Credit Card

usbswiper-usb-magnetic-stripe-credit-card-readeryou go to a nice restaurant for dinner,
you end up having a good meal!
the waitress comes at the end and gets your card.
you give it with no issues.
life is good, right?
well you go look in your account and you have no money.
you blink once and look again.
okay so wtf???
you look at withdrawal list and you see a ton of charges you never did.
foxhole let me introduce how the credit card scammer that got your shit…
i have been hearing about people getting their credit card info swiped recently.
pusha t just got got:

CREDITCARDSWIPERSyou see all these people out here,
flossing on instagram,
but you can’t figure out how they got all this fly shit.
not one job in sight.
well credit card scamming and identity theft is the new hot illegal in the streets.
i been knew about this hustle and being around a few.
brooklyn has been notorious for it.
you can hand over your card in a establishment and they swipe your shit quickly in a swipe box.
they got shopping on your identity.
they never got cribs tho.
just some shoes and some damn bags.
why are they putting their illegal lifestyle on instagram is what puzzles my ass?
ways to avoid:


that’s the only way you can avoid being a victim.
although they have new high tek ways of getting your card info.
they got shit where they just gotta bump into you.
if you do happen to get got:

call your bank immediately.

they will take a while to refund your money due to the investigation.
this all definitely gives a new meaning to “the streets is watching”.

so when you see all this flossing online with no receipts,
always ask if someone’s life has been stolen to get it.

lowkey: i remember when the bank shut my card down because they saw some weird charges.
i was in the store too and my shit got declined.
i was so fuckin’ embarrassed!
i was thankful they did that tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Even Need To Give Throat To Get Someone Credit Card”

  1. Gas stations (paying at the pump) and restaurants are usually the places for this kind of stunt.

    American Express and Charles Schwab are excellent when it comes to getting your money back through fraud.

    Some asshole bought an Sam’s Club membership with my Amex AND tried to buy a HD TV in a single transaction in El Paso, TX.

    Never been a member of Sam’s Club and I don’t live in TX. Amex shut that shit down and credited my money in the same phone call. Gave me the guy’s name to file a police report after their investigation.

    Bank of America, not so much. They are too hyper; legit charges are marked as fraud–even after you alert them that you will be travelling abroad, they will cut your shit off at dinner with friends. Leave them home. Matter of fact, ditch them altogether. They always do too much and their customer services mostly sucks when you’re miles away from home/in a different time zone.

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