Britney Spears Thinks You Need To Get Up and “Work Bitch”

tumblr_inline_mt6lnkP7481qzw3a7britney spears is back.
she has a special song it seems for her gay stans with “work bitch”.
the release of this song has caused all kinds of mass hysteria.
should lady gaga, beyonce, rihaana, and katy perry be scared?…

“when in doubt

…make something for your gay fan base.”
it sounds real “chelsea on a friday night”.
i’m not really feeling it.
i will say the energy is crazy tho.
will she bring the same energy with the dancing in the video?
i’m sure the snow foxes will let this song have it when they play it in the clubs.

lowkey: i do like the motivational message in the lyrics:

You wanna hot body
You want a Bugatti
You want a Maseratti
You better work bitch
You want a Lamborghini
Sippin’ martinis
Look hot in a bikini
You better work bitch
You wanna live fancy
Live in a big mansion
Party in Frane
You better work bitch

…she got me sending out my resume.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Britney Spears Thinks You Need To Get Up and “Work Bitch””

  1. I love how these females pimp their gay fans. They dont even care about them, but they have no problem using it to sell a record. Smh song sucks too

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