If Beyonce Can Get Nekkid, Then So Can Amber and Kim

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.44.13 PMamber rose!
why would you?
so ever since amber rose and kim kardashian buried the hatchet,
amber has been doing a lot of “kapin’ for the kardashians”.
as you know,
or don’t,
amber is all about her “slut walk” campaign.
it’s a vixen’s life to sexual freedom and nakedness.
well she had a thought that has been confusing her.
it involved beyonce.
you already know how this ended up.
this is what amber said via uproxxx
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What NOT To Say When Hosting 106 and Park

KARRUBEYHIVEwhen you do dumb shit,
shit that makes no kind of sense,
you gotta make sure to correct the issue immediately.
so let me give you a scenario foxhole.
you are invited to host bet’s 106 and park the day after a huge award show.
yes that show still exists.
bow wow had to bail because he had intense diarrhea or some foolishness.
anyway you’re reading the teleprompter and some real out of control behavior scrolls down.
one that may offend a major celebrity and their child.
you are a pretty much nobody.
do you read it?
or do you ignore it?
well this is the problem that krackofdawn aka karrueche faced and well…
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Was Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By A Bee or a Bear?

tumblr_mt792mlkwi1r6qguso1_500yes that was beyonce.
now you see her and then you didn’t.
she got yanked by some crazy fan when she performed in brazil yesterday.
i keep sayin’ some of the beyhive is unstable.
look at this crazy shit…
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tumblr_mlo2tjhrWq1rf4l89o1_500FOX MAIL

i have no idea if this is what i was looking but im really tring to meet beyonce its my life long dream. Every Year on my birthday i wish to meet her and i cry everytime i know i will never get the chance . I have been staying in a group home for over 7 months now and i rather meet her than go home to my family . Im 15 years old my birthday is may 3rd and i wish nothing on my sweet 16 is to have a chance to meet her i know famous people are busy and stuff , but if they love there fans as much as they say they do than Mrs. Beyonce Knowles if this is her site may i please meet you . Thanks thats all i ask


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