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i have no idea if this is what i was looking but im really tring to meet beyonce its my life long dream. Every Year on my birthday i wish to meet her and i cry everytime i know i will never get the chance . I have been staying in a group home for over 7 months now and i rather meet her than go home to my family . Im 15 years old my birthday is may 3rd and i wish nothing on my sweet 16 is to have a chance to meet her i know famous people are busy and stuff , but if they love there fans as much as they say they do than Mrs. Beyonce Knowles if this is her site may i please meet you . Thanks thats all i ask


you took a wrong turn somewhere.
you are actually in the foxhole.
i wish i did have that capability for you to meet beyonce.
id have her perform center stage.
maybe one of these days?

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6 thoughts on “f0xmail: BEYONCE, I WANT TO MEET YOU OR I WILL EXPLODE!!

  1. Aww it’s sweet that he wants to meet Beyonce. But live life big dude it’s a whole lot out there that will wow you so don’t stay in one lane

  2. He needs to get his own life and stop living in Beyonce’s. Get and education and training. Find some mentors to replace your screwed up family.Study how Beyonce and JayZ made it and emulate them. Believe me it was hard work.

  3. Who could get this much confused even at 15? Some sort of a joke is what I think. This was no accident. NEXT

    #Epic Fail.

  4. Maybe hit up all of her fansite or instagram her since she is active there. Send the letter to all her dancers, band mates and singers since they work closely with her. Be persistent. You never know WHAT may happen.

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