Lower It Down and Come Inside Where It’s Warm

tumblr_menjx6rqIe1qb0bzxo1_500you can’t expect to go any further with that drawbridge up.
i can see that “closed off” body language from here.
it has made your face look so mean.
you are not open.
what happened?
who hurt you?
oh its been a couple people?
well listen i been there…
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Nick Jonas Beats It Up (No Seriously, He Does…)

tumblr_nfpt8y9eKI1rsej80o1_500so i was minding my own business,
as a fox always does,
and i see a clip of nick jonas banging some vixen on tumblr.
you know i wanted answers and i wanted them NOW!
i got to sniffin’ and well…
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King James Got Dem Bars Fo’ Dat Azz Son! (Killah)

lebron-james-championship-paradeso king james is on a roll.
he is one of the top baller wolves of this generation,
has a beautiful family,
his mountain of a body makes me absolutely weak,
and he pretty much has the world at his fingertips.
he also has “the itch”.
no not crabs silly.
he has the same itch kobe and shaq had.
whats that “itch” you ask?
the itch to rap.
that’s right.
king james can afford to rent out a studio and make us regret we have ears.
here is a sample of his rap “skills” over jay’s “fuckwithmeyouknowigotit“…
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tumblr_mlo2tjhrWq1rf4l89o1_500FOX MAIL

i have no idea if this is what i was looking but im really tring to meet beyonce its my life long dream. Every Year on my birthday i wish to meet her and i cry everytime i know i will never get the chance . I have been staying in a group home for over 7 months now and i rather meet her than go home to my family . Im 15 years old my birthday is may 3rd and i wish nothing on my sweet 16 is to have a chance to meet her i know famous people are busy and stuff , but if they love there fans as much as they say they do than Mrs. Beyonce Knowles if this is her site may i please meet you . Thanks thats all i ask


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