Nick Jonas Beats It Up (No Seriously, He Does…)

tumblr_nfpt8y9eKI1rsej80o1_500so i was minding my own business,
as a fox always does,
and i see a clip of nick jonas banging some vixen on tumblr.
you know i wanted answers and i wanted them NOW!
i got to sniffin’ and well…

“i’m just jeaaalllooousssssssss!”
no seriously.
well that scenes are from nick’s show called “kingdom”.
he also has three or four more sex scenes as well.
i didn’t even know he had a show.
i didn’t even know there was a channel called “directv”.
well he plays a mma fighter.
yeah that pretty all the “plot” is about.
i’m just here for the potential softcore porn.
oh and he said this on “what what happens live” the other day:

“Another little thing is my character has a big storyline‚Ķ revolving around his sexuality,”

nick what are they doing to you in hollywood?
i know you like the gays and all,
but the they got you doing way too much.

lowkey: i was so done when they had him playing “guess the bulge”.

why is a “straight” wolf guessing which crotch justin biebers is?
that is not sexy.

video clips credited: gawker

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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