So Michael Sam Regrets Coming Out or Nah?

mikesamnfl1well our michael sam has come to a realization about his coming out.
i was flipping through my gq magazine today,
the one where he is on the cover,
and saw this quote from him…

If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did, never would have told it the way I did. I would have done the same thing I did at Mizzou — which was to tell my team and my coaches and leave it at that. But the recruiters knew, and reporters knew, and they talked to each other, and it got out. If I didn’t have the year I did, nobody would have cared. But I have no regrets. Some people can argue that I had the potential to go higher in the draft. But I think everything happens for a reason.”

tumblr_inline_nfdf36iys11ry5t8fwell omg just no!









that plus the hype and the fact he wasn’t really that good.
i think his coming out actually put too much of a spotlight on him.
this isn’t some reality show.
most straights don’t care what these people do outside the field.
they aren’t collecting trading cards about who had the biggest come out story.
he also had to live up to this expectation as being:


*add dramatic theme music*
dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn!
i think he should have got drafted,
got his feet wet,
aim to win a championship,
and then come out.
maybe come out after his first season.
he would have probably had a little bit more footing.
plus this didn’t sit well with many:

well don’t look at me!
i’m just being the messenger!
he also mentioned about the difference being on the rams and the cowboys:

 ‘In St. Louis, they welcomed me, but I felt they were just putting smiles on their faces. It was because they didn’t know my future. It was almost like the situation with a stray dog — you don’t want to get too close. In Dallas, they were more welcoming.’

i’m sure it was because the publicity.
a touch of “dramatic homophobe” for some.
they had to handle michael with kid gloves.
you see chad ocho,
kerry rhodes,
and even braylon edwards are not playing for their own attentionisto ways.
a touch of “past expiration date” for some.
lets say he gets his act together and gets really good…
will he ever get drafted on another american team again?
or is he just completely done?
we shall see.

read full article: here

*pictures credited to michael sam instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “So Michael Sam Regrets Coming Out or Nah?”

  1. I think “coming out” hurt his chances. Homophobes were waiting for him to mess up so they could say he’s only being kept because he’s gay and the team doesn’t wanna look bad. It worked more against him than it did for him. Some teams didn’t like the publicity that came along with him. That might’ve stopped them from even considering him.

    But remember, just because he isn’t playing, doesn’t mean there aren’t any homos on the field. Other gay/bi players will keep it quiet and to themselves and/or come out after they’ve been established. I think that’s best. Tho if you ask me, I really don’t see why we have to announce are sexuality. Still in the closet my black ass. Who currs!? I see why Raven Symone didn’t wanna come out. Instead of being called the fat cheetah girl, she’s now the gay one. It’s riDICKulous.

  2. I wish him well. Maybe he did go about this “coming out” thing the wrong way, but he’s tryna live his dreams.

    I do hope this is a red flag for any other COUGHclosetcasesCOUGH thinking about setting up some big reveal to the world about them liking dick.

    1. ^i think michael sam ran everyone back into the closet.
      the ones who wanted to dead bolted their closet doors.

      wasn’t there like 4 players who were gonna come out at the same time?

      1. Not necessarily.

        If nothing else, this journey proved that gay players should be able to fit in fine without controversy. The problem is that he set himself up to be seen as the gay player. A very naive PR flub imo.

        I think players who plan on coming out should hire a good publicist.

  3. He explicitly said he had no regrets.
    The media is just trying it with the headlines.
    He just simply wished he went about it differently, where it didn’t cause a unnecessarily big media frenzy.

    But the articles is a really nice read though. I read that he and his mother are talking again.

  4. Well as expected he is eulogizing why he is NOT playing football in the NFL. Whoever is handling him is an idiot. Hindsight is 20/20 but he wouls be playing footvall now if he had taken the Canadian offer. He should have known he had 2 strikes against him in The US he is gay and he is Black but i think he realize it now. The US is years behind Canada in accepting people for sho they are ESPECIALLY if he is black . For those that think race had nothing to so with it HA HA HA wake up and smell the coffee. In all tbe pro leagues black people are paid to entertain and keep their damn mouth shut. They use the excuse of him NOT BIG ENOUGH as the biggest bullshit there is. R u kidding me? If he was good ebough in College why all of a suddzn he is NOT good ? Bullshit. Go to Canada if the offer still stands and get the fuck out of the USA.

  5. Michael just need to hold his head up and keep looking up. He did what he felt like was right for him. The other guys that are playing and in the close good for them. No can change who you are and what you like!

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