andrew gillum was out here on grindr? (is my baller wolf husband on grindr too?)

the body language in this shot is interesting to me.
 i thought we were done with the andrew gillum story?
he got caught up on the other side of a gay sex scandal,
went through his atonement,
and ended up being a hero to bisexuals in relations with vixens everywhere.
we needed more to this story,
i guess.
andrew had a big feature in this month’s “gq” magazine.
 travis dyson recounts his side of the story on “that night in the miami beach hotel”.
this is what he had to share…

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paris hilton tells us what’s “not hot” about social media

paris hilton is one of the pioneer attentionistas of reality tv.
she is legit one of the founding members.
the kardashians,
and everyone who is relevant because of trash tv,
should always bow down since she paved the way.
these days,
paris lives a very lowkey life from her past.
i read a gq article with her today,
and in a twist of fate,
actually found myself agreeing with her.
they asked her about her thoughts on this new social media world.
this is the question she was asked:

“You’ve been in the public eye for about for 20 years, and you mention in one episode that when you were becoming famous, social media was not what it is. There was no Instagram, no Twitter. You weren’t a Myspace star or anything. Do you wish you had access to social media?”

and this is her answer

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The Wolves of “Insecure” Do Gym + Summer Thirst for “GQ”

so everyone knows i love “insecure”.
i love the wolves of “insecure” as well.
when you add in my strong affection of “gq” magazine,
you get a shot of testosterone that may knock you clean out.
well all of that came together for a shoot titled:

When the Thirst Is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym

y’lan noel,
wade allain-marcus,
jay ellis,
sarunas jackson,
and neil brown jr laid some thirst traps down for us.

this is the finished product…

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Cam Newton is Entering “New Blackness” Territory

Cam-Newtonhas baller wolf for the carolina panthers,
cam newton,
been turned out?

i’m starting to believe so.
i should have known by some of his outfit choices.
so in a recent interview with gq for the september issue,
cam thinks we are past racism.
as a nation,
that is.
this is what he had to say via espn
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All The Blacks Want Nothing To Do With Michael B Jordan?

tumblr_nuzvvfn8dX1sevsyjo1_1280so it seems michael b jordan has put his foot down his throat.
he out here looking like a severe “new black”.
one that has officially pissed off a majority of his black vixen fan base.
you know what that means?
the “taye diggs effect” is shortly coming.
broadway and cancelled tv shows.
so michael b jordan’s first problem was an alleged snapchat of him saying:

“all lives matter”

people looked at him crazy after his role in “fruitvale station”.
( x and saying this to oprah )
now there is no evidence of this alleged video,
but that’s the rumor in the fox vine.
you can head over to twitter and read the opinions.
this it where it starts to get ugly.
the question about him dating kendall jenner comes up.
well he goes in the upcoming gq october issue about says this…
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So Michael Sam Regrets Coming Out or Nah?

mikesamnfl1well our michael sam has come to a realization about his coming out.
i was flipping through my gq magazine today,
the one where he is on the cover,
and saw this quote from him…
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