paris hilton tells us what’s “not hot” about social media

paris hilton is one of the pioneer attentionistas of reality tv.
she is legit one of the founding members.
the kardashians,
and everyone who is relevant because of trash tv,
should always bow down since she paved the way.
these days,
paris lives a very lowkey life from her past.
i read a gq article with her today,
and in a twist of fate,
actually found myself agreeing with her.
they asked her about her thoughts on this new social media world.
this is the question she was asked:

“You’ve been in the public eye for about for 20 years, and you mention in one episode that when you were becoming famous, social media was not what it is. There was no Instagram, no Twitter. You weren’t a Myspace star or anything. Do you wish you had access to social media?”

and this is her answer

“I’m proud that I did this all before all that. I think nowadays it’s very easy. If you have a phone, you have a talent, you have the possibility of building your own brand or even empire. Back then I had no social media, no agent, no publicist, no stylist. I was just going out, being photographed. [I was] just vibing myself, and people would say, “Oh, she’s famous for being famous,” because there was no one who had done that before.

But I’m glad I didn’t have that back then because I feel like life was so much fun, like, I lived just more free. When I used to go out, no one had a camera phone out. There was no TMZ. It would be the best people in Hollywood, and everyone felt comfortable and safe because no one was trying to get a picture of them or sell them out or do something. I don’t go out anymore unless I’m DJing or I’m being paid to be there for an event. I think that kids nowadays don’t know what fun is. I feel like for a lot of these people on social media, it’s very short-lived. It’s not sustainable, and yes, there’s some that are killing it right now but, who knows in a couple years if those videos are going to be funny anymore? What if Instagram shut down? A lot of young people’s lives would be over.”

i can already imagine
the picture quality on that flip phone being horrid.
back to serious…
when i go out,
i notice i have to take a picture of my food.
i asked myself one day:

why are you taking a picture of your food?

why do folks care what i ate?”

it’s like…

they care what i’m eating,
but they don’t care enough to check in if i stopped posting all together.

that’s the crazy part,
she’s 110% tho.
if instagram shut down tomorrow,
i always said there would be mass suicides.
folks who laughed at others for being depressed would need to be checked into a mental institution.
we have all become too addicted to social media,
that to the point,
we need to document every single:


you go to a restaurant,
everyone is taking shots of their meal.
you go to the club,
no one is dancing or having a good time.
they’re making boomerangs and snaps chats.
you can’t even get fucked in peace without it being documented.
we don’t really get to enjoy the moment anymore.
its a “good angle” or “amazing lighting”.
we want to show others:

“look what i’m doing.
it’s much better than what you’re doing.
oh you did that last week?
well look what i’m doing this week.”

…in the most filtered way possible.
it’s making us really narcissistic,
self absorbed,
and dependent.
the reality is that most of us need social media tho.
it’s better to be admired by strangers than accept the fact that…

 Social media fame is keeping some of us relevant

without it,
we’d be nobodies.
no would care if we worked out 20 times a day.
we’d have to go out and meet folks being true selves.
for some,
that would be a absolute nightmare.
so if social media shut down,
these folks will go back to irrelevancy.
tough pill to swallow,
but it’s where a majority can escape the truth.

article cc: gq

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “paris hilton tells us what’s “not hot” about social media”

  1. This is very true. I’m probably one of few young adults without a social media account. It’s quite nice. It makes being DL a lot easier. No pix of me all over the net to cross reference. I go out and actually enjoy life without advertising. Ive developed social skills people just don’t have nowadays, and know how to meet guys without an app…in public everyday life. I also have an aura of mystery about myself because no one can search the net for information to draw up an I’ll informed opinion. You actually have to have a conversation with me and get to know me. Imagine that….


    Both Paris and yourself are so on point with your commentary about social media today. Speaking from personal experience, I started an IG account just a year ago for networking and promoting myself as a writer, but I literally cannot go one day without checking it, if not creating some kind of post just for the sake of posting. Between IG, FB, and Twitter, there may be an addiction going on for me.

  3. Hasn’t Paris Hilton been known to make racist and homophobic comments? And she is a Trumpster? Who cares what she has to say?

      1. Sorry, but I don’t listen to racists and homophobes. I’m a little disappointed in your failure to mention these things about her. For instance, when she mentions that she’s proud of her past, I guess she means that she is proud to be a racist and homophobe. And you are black and gay. Don’t take this as an ultra criticism, but I do have to call it as I see it. You could have made those same points about what’s “not hot” about social media without mentioning anything about Paris Hilton.

    1. Why do you feel anyone should follow your opinion? Everyone is entitled to their own choices and not be judged by it. She isn’t killing anyone or hurting anyone. For the topic at hand, Paris Hilton happens to be the best canadate. Like Jamari mentioned, “Paris Hilton is the PIONEER attentionista of reality tv” Her thoughts on social media is actually very surprising and I find it very mature of her to say those things. We should always keep an open mind and open ears. Even your worst enemies could teach you something.

  4. Phones and cameras are not the issue, people that abuse them are. Whether it’s no self control or induced by childhood neglect.

    Now I’m probably just being picky about the wording, but I’ve never been a fan of this infamous broad. She’s basically telling us what we already know. Before evidence they did whatever they wanted to people in the industry. So no, it sounds like she’s just bitter that their behavior is being exposed. Please let this bat go back to her cave.

    But I get what you’re saying Jamari. I personally only use social media to contact people, be nosey, and send happy b-day posts.

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