so rihanna’s stylist fucci has hiv and an alleged abuser too? (the ghetto?)

after this entry,
i don’t think we’ll want that “big dick energy”.
bye to that.
so relationships ain’t easy.
you just don’t get into it with the one of your dreams and think:

“he looks good so things will go smooth.”

“he got money so i’ll always be happy.”

“he has connections so life will be set.”

it don’t always work like that.
not when you have liars and abusers out here.
you gotta be careful.
the foxholers blew up my box about the following story.
it involves rihanna’s stylist,
farren mean andrea aka fucci.
i never heard of him.
he recently posted that he contracted hiv,
in which he announced on his social medias:

…but come to find out,
he forgot to mention he allegedly beat his boyfriend,
these are all the pictures and some commentary

what was what about “dark skin people”????????

don’t get dragged.
sooooooooo fucci is asking for prayers,

but a whole alleged domestic abuser and hoe out here?
all while working with rihanna who shares a similar story?
“eek” much?
his team better advise him on keeping his paws to himself.
i guess his team got to zac because this was on his ig stories:

i like that word “ex”.
let’s keep that “big dick energy” with that word.

a foxholer mentioned zac just recently in passing conversation.
i remembered him because of these pictures:

he’s handsome as well..

…and can do so much better.
no offense,
or maybe offense,
but i’d rather be single than put up with abuse and hiv.
that’s the thing with relationships we don’t realize.
once you fall into that “love” part,
it makes it harder to just leave when he isn’t good for us.

lowkey: you know whats crazy,
and this may sound silly,
but i stopped hearing about folks getting hiv.
with the surge in prep,
i figured it was starting to get under control.
i know.
sounds silly.

11 thoughts on “so rihanna’s stylist fucci has hiv and an alleged abuser too? (the ghetto?)

  1. apparently this has been going on for almost a year now. this gay version of the shaderoom account posted Zac’s ig stories and he said they had a very toxic relationship. verbal and physical abuse. fucci has hit him plenty of times, even in public and in front of friends. Zac says he doesn’t believe in hitting someone you claim you love. the recent black eye is from fucci coming over to zac’s apartment to get his stuff and he goes ham smh.

  2. Just wait next year trial test for the HIV vaccine that looks promising. lab mice tested neg after HIV diagnosis. Which may be the evolution to Prep and a possible 2020 cure campaign.

  3. Prep is supposed to help reduce the chance for contracting HIV if your lover has it. It was ideally for those in a relationship with someone who was positive and wanted to be intimate without needing a condom. But as always people took it as an absolute immunity and out here being reckless.

  4. No its not silly for you to think that way. PREP is now the new HIV status….. PREP… when you are HIV positive and want to hide it…..

    1. That’s a lie. PReP protects you from contracting HIV. Stop spreading misinformation about something you don’t know!

  5. Look at the rate of infection in your city. In the country. Hiv hasnt gone anyway. The stats are worse than they’ve ever been. Prep and all these other medications are just another excuse for gays to be reckless and unprotected.

  6. This really breaks my heart. Zac and I use too chat when he first got to LA. This is before he even knew he was attracted to men. Such a Sweetheart! He does not deserve this type of abuse. I’m so glad he left this MONSTER!!

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