the “aquaman” trailer left me all wet (in a good way?)

i love the way his chest sits.
that turns me on instantly.
so i’m a marvel fox.
i love the whole presentation of a marvel movie.
the last dc movies,
sans “wonder woman”,
have been absolute trash in my opinion.
well i just watched the trailer to the new “aquaman”,
starring jason momoa,
and well…

….and we might actually be onto something.

jason momoa was meant to play that role.
in my opinion,
he is the epitome of “big dick energy”.
ironically his wife,
lisa bonet,
has “good pussy energy”.

“aquaman” has always been my favorite tho.
as a water sign,
i love the whole concept of controlling water.
even as a cub,
i wanted to be an oceanographer.
water is very calming to me,
but it can also be very powerful.
it’s one of the free gifts from God to help us survive.
folks underestimate water and learn very quickly.
in it’s depths,
it contains the scariest of creatures not yet revealed.
i’ll allow that part.

The problem i have with DC is the trailers

they always look amazing,
but when i watch the whole movie,
i’m left with:

they usually never get good until the very end.
i hope they can get it together with “aquaman”.
i need a full situation because marvel is kicking their tails.
we shall see.
i’m feeling kinda good about this one.
“aquaman” will hit theaters 12.18. 18.

2 thoughts on “the “aquaman” trailer left me all wet (in a good way?)

  1. Have you seen shazam! That one also looked pretty interesting.

    Im iffy on aquaman I don’t hate it but im not 100% behind it.

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