jeff loagz has big dick energy

ill font it again.
jeff loagz has “big dick energy.
even if he doesn’t have a big dick,
not that i’d know,
he gives off that confidence based on his ig.

he likes to travel,
minds his business,
stays out of scandal,
talk too much,
works on his brand,
and isn’t trying hard to compete.
he also doesn’t have an “onlyfans” either.
i think that is sexy af.
he recently posted this video

…and i didn’t know he had a tail like that.
if only he can come out with a skin care line:

…because i need my skin to be that level of butter.

“oh hey jeff”

lowkey: when are we gonna see jeff in movies?
i can see him playing a villain’s henchman of some sort.

check out jeff’s brand: become nutrition

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “jeff loagz has big dick energy”

  1. He’s very attractive. What i hate is when a man has such a nice complexion and goes the fuckboy route by covering himself from head to toe in basic ass tattoos..ugh

  2. I know Im about to sound like a hater and be dragged potentially, but I need reciepts. What do alot of these instagram models do for income? If your telling me that all I have to do to generate some income is to workout twice a day everyday and get weekly facials, I’ll change my career so fast.

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