in my (toiletries) bag

i think everyone should have a toiletries bag.
i have been carrying one to work for years now.
after lunch,
or an after work outing,
i would be equipped with my essentials.
last night,
i finally started unpacking the bag id carry to my old job.
i hadn’t removed my toiletries bag yet,
but i figured it would make for a great foxhole entry.
so this is my bag:


it was a “d&g” toiletries bag i got in a gift set with the cologne,
“the one”.
yours doesn’t have to be that level of expensive.
it is whatever your style,
big or small.
take a look at what i kept in my bag

1. dramamine
(this works wonders for my anxiety)
2.  floss
3. cologne
4. hand sanitizer
5. hand lotion
6. pepto
7. eye drops
(in case i took a nap and my eyes were red)
8. chapstick
9. tooth brush/tooth paste
10. tide to go pen
(works wonders if you get a stain on your clothes)

after lunch,
you should always freshen up.
you never know who you’ll have to speak to in the office.
your breath violating with the burger with onions you had.
you also never know when someone will want to see you after work.
nothing better than having it together before a impromptu date or dick appointment.
imagine sleeping over,
but being able to have your own toiletries the next morning?

 a good fox likes to think ahead.
what you put in your toiletries bag may vary.
that is what suits my life.
you might be completely different.

check out the various toiletries bags: here


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “in my (toiletries) bag

  1. I LOVE WHEN YOU POST THINGS LIKE THIS! It really helps a young professional like me.
    The toiletry bag doesn’t make your messenger bag look bulky? I have a Michael Kors toiletry bag, but it makes my messenger bag look OD bulky!

    1. ^☺️☺️☺️

      mine flattens so it doesn’t look bulky.
      i rotate a messenger and a back pack and you couldn’t tell i had it in there.
      the bottle of water i kept with me made it look bulky tho.

  2. I love that Eucerin Skin Calming Creme. That is the only moisturizer I use ever since a doctor wrote me a prescription for that shit. I used to use Cetaphil but that Eucerin Skin Calming Creme is on another level.

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