things a fox loves: let me put you onto this skin toner!

proactiv is one of the first toners i ever had to use.
when jessica simpson said she had bad acne in the proactiv commercial,
but it was a couple pimples on her chin.
after a while,
i had to upgrade to their extra strength version and that stopped.
i tried to use various kinds of toners after and nothing worked.
i felt it was making me break out even worse.
so skipped toner and did cleanse and moisturize.
that procedure worked pretty well for me.
a couple months ago,
someone mentioned a toner to me in passing.
a few weeks ago,
a foxholer praised the same toner in one of our conversations.
i had to give the following a try…

thayers alcohol free rose petal witch hazel

this is the truth.
i’m not even playing with you.
i’ve been testing it out for a couple weeks now.
ever since i started included it in my regiment,
i haven’t had a breakout since.

my regiment
wash face
once face is dry,
put thayers on a cotton ball and wipe
(you’ll be surprised how much dirt is still on your face)
let face air dry for a few minutes

it gave my face a nice glow and keeps my oily skin in check.
this is the only toner that has ever worked on my skin.
i think it might be the “rose petal” version of it.
i was hearing good things about that one,
although they have many other versions to try.

coconut water
aloe vera

i’m giving it a “things a fox loves” check mark.

it is 10.95 in stores,
but if you use my amazon code,
you can get it for 8.36!

if you try it,
let me know your thoughts!

for more information: thayers

*all products i recommend are “use at your risk”.
what worked for me may not work for you.
understanding your skin types is key.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “things a fox loves: let me put you onto this skin toner!”

    1. ^i don’t mind at all.

      i use neutrogina oil free cleanser and aveeno clear complexion moisturizer
      i’m testing out some other products for a future review.

  1. I uses the TN Dickinson’s Witch Hazel. And clay facial mask. I had to stop going to the derm after losing my job and insurance. But, hell. All them damn skin treatments wasnt doing shit for my hyper pigmentation on my face, Im trying to get rid of. It just came out of nowhere. My friend said the same thing with him. It doesnt look as bad now bc my skin darkens in the Summers. But, in a couple of months when the sun is less tense, my skin will lighten and the hyperpigmentation will be noticeable.

  2. If you are interested in skincare stuff look at Korean beauty brands. Snail serums are the business!

  3. Your should try Urban Skin RX. They have these cleansing solutions in bars that comes with an exfoliation sponge. They sell at Target for 12.99 or some change.

  4. What’s the purpose of the toner besides helping with acne? I’m a fan of witch hazel so I’m intrigued by this.

    Aveeno is the truth as a moisturizer and I love their shaving cream as well. I don’t have acne, I learn to stay away from certain things and I’m good but I do get razor bumps. Aveeno helps keep it in check and gives my skin a nice glow. I want something that gives me a sexy glow tho, any suggestions? I’m also working on a skincare regimen to go along with my aromatherapy spa treatments. Self care is very important and that’s goes for inside and out lol

  5. Agreed with the Thayers…There was an article about how the Kardashians use witch hazel products. I use an esthetician and he recommends CeraVe products and a big secret, Coritzone Eczema Cream because it has Vitamins A, C, and E.

    I started using glycolic pads twice a week (at night) because it dries out your skin and Differin gel for acne.

    Currently, I’m drinking more water with two-three glasses of apple cider vinegar and water mix and trying to eliminate dairy.

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