k michelle had nothing to say when faced with another big mouth?

k michelle has always been the big mouth.
i have always thought she was quick with a good comeback.
well i think she has finally met her match.
in this dramatic season of “lhhh”,
k michelle had a show down with a producer named a1.
this is a clip of their confrontation…

this is one of the reasons i’m not with the “sis” and “girl” thing.
some vixens will use that with you,
but in the heat of the moment,
will use it against you.
i’ve seen it all the time.
vixens using “femininity” as an insult.
some vixens aren’t your biggest allies.
you can already tell those who you gotta watch out.
i like k michelle and all,
but she is one i wouldn’t have high hopes for.
it’s not like she keeps a “friend”.

as for as this argument
he worked with someone no one is “fuckin with”.
that sounded like a self drag on his part.
as far as k michelle,
i’ve heard of the alleged blacklisting from cathy hughes,
who is the owner of radio one.
you could tell she didn’t have much to say back to him.
that is what the big mouths don’t get.
they usually keep their big mouths shut when faced with the truth.

lowkey: i remember when k allegedly said she didn’t want bloggers to blog about her.
i was like…
so you just want to be a nobody huh?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “k michelle had nothing to say when faced with another big mouth?”

  1. I seen K. Michelle live here in Philly back in February the girl can definitely sang live she did very well. Now idk about the blacklisting part but K. Definitely has some hits under her belt. It was like he was trying to disqualify on behalf of his girl. Idk I was raised that men picking arguments and fights with women is a feminine characteristic so maybe that’s why she referred to him as girl since he and so many men these days are extra catty. These love and hip hop fights just be pointless and staged lol

  2. She definitely was banned. She talked about on a show I saw. She was banned from radio one as well as I heart radio stations after her altercation with the radio host Angela yee. She definitely has a voice but her personality seems to be the reason she hasn’t had more success. I didn’t even know she had another album out 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. He didn’t state not one lie. All facts. K Michelle can’t sing. I’ve never heard anyone sing off key or under the melody the entire song. I would never put myself through the torture of her live. K Michelle is an over glorified field rat. They call it ratchet tv and she’s the definition of ratchet and ignorant. Kelly Price wrote a song for her and she had the nerve to talk shit about her. Like how you fix your mouth to come for Kelly Price who can sing galaxies around you and has had more success than you even deserve. I can’t.

  4. Didn’t this bum ass hoe also throw shade at Letoya Luckett on this episode? Honestly she reaps what she sows. She deserves ALL of the karma that is coming her way. Her attitude stinks and her dumb ass fans remind me of Chris Brown’s fans. Constantly making excuses for a person who clearly has issues. And in true predictable K Michelle fashion, she attempts to emasculate men when in confrontation with them, too bad A1 came ready and hit her with the quickness.

    The fact that he’s a man and boldly wears colored nail polish unapologetically got her shook. This is the same woman who talked down on her LHH contemporaries for remaining on the show when she left to venture off into her music career and now look who came back running to the show when their career started drying up. She is the common denominator in her issues and is in her current predicament because she burns bridges like Azealia Banks and has a trash ass attitude. She had so much potential initially. A huge shame.

    Stick a fork in it K Trashelle, you’re done.

  5. She’s hilarious!

    “You readin me sis?” Took me out lol

    She just needs to learn to keep the antics on camera for a hefty paycheck and not do it for free🤷🏾‍♂️

    She can sing and she’s a good writer on top of that considering very few BLACK R&B singers have seen success these past 10 years.

  6. he left fishbox know her a** ain’t clean either. She missed all those promo dates and got black balled by the industry, cd flopped because of no airplay and she finds herself back to Love & Hip Hop- just a new location.

  7. I enjoyed that exchange. K Michelle was needed to spice up the franchise a little, she is entertaining.

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