k michelle had nothing to say when faced with another big mouth?

k michelle has always been the big mouth.
i have always thought she was quick with a good comeback.
well i think she has finally met her match.
in this dramatic season of “lhhh”,
k michelle had a show down with a producer named a1.
this is a clip of their confrontation…
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k michelle does a serious downgrade in her life

so i’ll be honest,
but i never really cared for k michelle‘s old bawdy.
i never liked “bug life” butt cheeks tho.
from the side view,
it wasn’t a good look.
well k michelle has been on a “glo up” as of late.
this is how she looks ever since she downgraded that situation
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Um, Who Dis All Over K Michelle?

i have a mission for you.
so i was listening to one of my favorite k michelle songs,
when i stumbled upon a video i ain’t never seen of hers.
it’s for a song called “ain’t you”.
well can someone please
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Is K Michelle Trying To Sink Her Own Ship?

K-Michelle-2013-She-Is-Divai just posted about k michelle a week or so ago.
i saw her cry on “sway in the morning” and was touched.
now i go read this alleged tale of her diva behavior and i’m thrown off.
you might not hear k michelle’s music on the radio again.
well i haven’t ever,
but i really won’t hear it now after this alleged story via alwaysalist
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K Michelle Breaks Completely Down

tumblr_mrihj8VmR81qa2oy8o1_500 i’m up.
i’m in pain.
for the life of me,
i don’t know how i hurt my hand,
but it’s on fire right now.
just as long as it allows me to use my magic wand aka keyboard.
so i decided to catch up on some celeb news in the morning hours.
i came across this video of k michelle on “sway in the morning”.
during the interview,
k michelle broke completely down.
sway and heather b even had to get up to hug her.
check it out…
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K Michelle Can Get It


…my 7.99 off this itunes.
k michelle….
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